Sleazometer – The Ultimate Mars-Venus Compatibility Guide

$1.99 AUD

Measure Mars Venus Compatibility With Anyone You Desire

Gay or straight, Sleazometer is for you. Pair-bonded or swingingly single, it’s valid. Still analysing some hot mental guy who got away?  Sizing up your next prospect? Sleazometer is for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to reboot a moribund marriage or get yourself out of a solo rut, this s**t works. Armed with but the birthday of the one you lust after, you can discover his or her Mars and Venus sign predilections, check out your own sleazy foibles and then suss the sexual compatibility quotient of any relationship.

It works for a spring fling and it works for a more enduring romance. Mars and Venus are the key astro-indicators of sensual attraction and Sleazometer is the ultimate Mars Venus compatibility guide, with tell-it-like-it-is delineations for every Mars sign, Venus sign and combination of the two.

Mars-Venus connections show people’s chemistry and connection on the physical level. They are not the whole picture but they’re certainly good to get a grip on, so to speak.

Sleazometer is an illustrated Mars Venus compatibility guide with zero consideration given to your cognitive or spiritual connection. For that, you will have to look elsewhere.  But if you’re wanting a fast blast take on the Mars Venus side of things, Sleazometer is for you.

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