One On One Consult With Mystic


Currently Available:

Thursday 22 October: Anytime between 5pm to 9pm EDT or PDT. Friday 23 October: Anytime between 1pm and 5pm AEST or 6pm to 10pm BST

These are the gold standard for Mystic’s personal attention and ability to pull the whole chart together + and apply those insights to your best advantage.

They’re instant message/chat because it is more secure than voice and so that you have a transcript. You can use this time to zoom in on micro-factors and optimal timelines and ask about your natal chart quirks/upcoming transits in more depth than the instant reports allow. Feel free to be as broad or detailed, esoteric, or practical as you like.

We will confirm a time within those parameters above within 48 hours of booking.

Your consult includes a follow-up email to ask any questions.



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Sought after but rarely available, Mystic’s Skype Messaging Consults are an opportunity to cover a lot.  Whether you want a broad, panoramic meta-view of your everything astrological or to zoom in and fine-tune specific dates, relationship niggles or natal aspects, this works.

Suitable for Astro-Fiends who want to try out their weirder theories AND Astro-Newbies who need to know what their Ascendant means. It is not a psychic consult but one-on-one means vibes do occur and they’re usually bang-on.

They are Skype messaging not talk for several reasons but primarily:

* It takes out the minor but irritating time-lag which means people can inadvertently interrupt one another in talk meets.

* You end up with a record/transcript of the dialogue to refer back to.

* It is more secure.

Important: Every exchange between Mystic and a client is completely confidential with no info shared or discussed unless there is a court subpoena or a significant concern for the person’s welfare. Mystic is happy to discuss more or less anything and offer her astrologically informed opinion but is not a psychotherapist: please see your primary care provider for a referral to a qualified practitioner if you need help with mental health and stability or structured stress management. Likewise, if you are concerned about drinking or drug use.


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