Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 Mp3

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The Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 is the biggest astrological event of 2019 and 2020. It’s formidable, rare and worth maximizing. Get a grip on this pow-wow of the Time God with the Change God incarnate with this instantly downloadable astro-rant.

In her unique style, Mystic explains this astral flashpoint, the points it affects and how each sign can align with the vibe. Suitable for astro-newbies and astro-fiends alive, the rant runs for 43 minutes and easily be listened to while you’re doing something else. It’s not hypnosis – it’s a data download.

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11 reviews for Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 Mp3

  1. annafras (verified owner)

    I’m biased towards everything Mystic but truly, this rant breaks it down sign by sign. I am really excited to maximize this energy and will listen, as I always do, many times!

  2. babysinclair (verified owner)

    I love Mystic’s practical and empowering takes on the astral weather. This MP3 is a must for getting the big picture on this rare, important alignment. And as it is a Saturn alignment, it benefits from long range planning. I feel really grateful for the leg up in working with the Saturn/Pluto vibe all year. Thank you Mystic!!!

  3. Silver Bullet (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to this 4 times already and I’m pretty stoked. I’m Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Rising so this is essential like air to me and I knew I was buying it asap.

    Uranus square Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio really tested my strength and I’d been tested before, especially a large life upheaval in 2008 when Pluto went into Capricorn…but not only am I enduring, I’m that resurrection when everyone’s left the graveside. Uranus in Aries was in my 4th House for my Ascendant and 6th for my Sun. I love Uranus and it sure enough liberated me from a stagnant living situation and that liberated me from muggle work, (I landed on my feet multiple times even after 2015 when it started to get better), I feel like my cat in the video game died for the 9th time and the game started over. Things I went through from early 2014, (Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus square Pluto hit hard right there), to early 2015 were painful, scary and hard but also exhilarating when I found they couldn’t break me because I’d been through so much before. Life is hard but I’m harder, which is probably my Ascendant talking.

    I’ve replayed a love life scenario for the last time and flipped the script and coming into my 50th birthday I feel like that mature Capricorn Rising who was born old, haha…nothing can make me crumble. After this I looked through year ahead and your way of describing things is unique, authentic and great fun. I know these things at a soul level. Truly Saturn conjunct Pluto is a powerhouse of authenticity and solid platforms that won’t rock but first as my Sun sign says, destruction comes before creation, you can’t build on sand.

  4. Peter F (verified owner)

    During these eons of low grade pseudo mediocrity that flaunts neo-prag as greatness, you have to avoid the cheap mix, the sugar mix and the synthetic power mix. How do you do this? You breathe low for strength. Practice everyday and consult an astrologer with a sage connect.
    Mystic is so far out in front there is no need for organic LED floodlighting. She has studied grip on why and when.
    Just relax. 2020 is here in the blink of a digital wonder, an impossible hope and a smile. Her Saturn Pluto 2020 Conjunct MP3 rant may interest you. I took notes. Thanks Mystic.

  5. Bridget K (verified owner)

    If you’ve heard about the Saturn Pluto conjunction and thought you’d like to learn more about this important astrological transit, then this download is for you. Mystic explains the importance of this upcoming alignment and how to take advantage of the astrology. Her practical advice for all the zodiac signs will help you to get in front of and power through this new era of change. The information is useful whether you’re an astrological novice or savvy about your chart.

  6. leotaurusscorp (verified owner)

    In a word: essential! There’s a lot of doom and gloom predicted for this conjunction, but as always, Mystic’s take is positive, helpful and actionable. You don’t need to be an astrology fiend to gain insight as Mystic goes through how each sign will be affected. Brilliant!

  7. julesng (verified owner)

    Saturn-Pluto in 2020 will close off two major T-squares I have in my natal chart and I was kind of worried. After listening, I’m EXCITED to hit 2020. I love Mystic because her advice is always actionable and real–now I know what I have to start doing now (May 2019) in order to hit Jan 2020 in the best way possible.

  8. escapist (verified owner)

    I loved hearing your voice ! My mid heaven is 23 degrees Capricorn. I have Saturn at 27 and Jupiter at 29 Capricorn, I have read about Pluto crossing ones mid heaven and it is the stuff of nightmares. Mystic’s lecture on the upcoming transit was the first time I learned something about it that didn’t make me winch . The whole period was just terrifying to me. Her opinions are intelligent and reasonable.

  9. syrynx (verified owner)

    What I love about Mystic’s approach is that she is the antithesis of a doomsayer, she is all about letting you know what the energies support and how you can align your own efforts to maximise progress in whatever area these aspects fall. In my case it is the first house and I feel like I have saturn magic and pluto power on side now.

  10. PlutoMoon (verified owner)

    This Saturn-Pluto rant is BRILLIANT and I’m actually looking forward to this now where I had a lot of anxiety about it before. The Zap Zone of 2012-2015 was indeed much more intense, change-wise, and having that comparison made me feel a lot better. I’m glad you went though it sign by sign/house by house, too – that allowed me to listen to all of my major houses and really grok how this will line up for me and, even better, what do do about it. And thanks to your advance info about it even months ago, I have already gotten a head start on where I need to be come January 2020. 🙂 This is SO much bang for the buck, worth every penny!!

  11. Syrena (verified owner)

    This conjunction is going to happen right on my Saturn return – down to the degree. This info was both reassuring and incredibly helpful, as now I have a sense of direction as to how best to finesse it.

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