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Worked off your individual birth chart, Power Moons is your indispensable Lunar Planner for the year ahead.  Power Moons provides you with your next year’s worth of New + Full Moons, their exact time for your location, the house that they fall in for you personally and any conjunctions made by the New or Full Moon to an essential point of yours. If there is going to be a Full Moon in (say) your 10th House conjunct your Pluto, you will know about it. Fun and practical, Power Moons will also wow you with the magical results.

Click here for a sample – This is the Power Moons for Ariana Grande.

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It will only be entirely accurate with a birth time, but if you don’t know, please choose midday on the day that you were born. You will also need to input your current location. For instance, if you were born in Iceland but live in New York now, Power Moons will show the New and Full Moons in the time zone that you live in now, not where you were born.

Please enter the birth details and double check they are correct before adding to cart – thank you!


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5 reviews for Power Moons

  1. Windhorse11 (verified owner)

    This report is simply amazing. I read it and try to DO all the “things to do” for each new and full moon. The full moon coming up on 17 June was something I was looking at. And ALL of a sudden it dawned on me that I could indeed “negotiate bill smoothing or debt reduction” – I never thought to negotiate for myself. I’ve always done terrifically at negotiating for others, just never think of helping myself. (definitely I’m working on this), Yesterday I got two credit card companies to reduce my interest, and work out a fixed plan. I’m so thrilled. Mystic absolutely is my advisor/therapist/helper and all round great connection. I love her dearly.

  2. redondo.bleach (verified owner)

    This is my favourite of all the reports. It stays open in a window all the time on my computer and I plan around it constantly. The ritual prompts are superlative. Even when I don’t have time to truly engage, I sometimes look back and the synchronicity of it all is impressive.

  3. LolaKritz (verified owner)

    Great lunar planner, very precise and on point. Thanks a lot Mystic 🙂

  4. Lili (verified owner)

    Dead-on insightful, practical, full on brilliant- Mystic at her best.

  5. Chaotic Scorpio (verified owner)

    Power Moons is wonderful! Helpful tailored advice to work the Moon cycles in practical ways. Particularly great if you get emo around full moons like me.

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