Instant Oracle + Tarot Access For One Year

$33.00 AUD for 1 year

Online Tarot Readings And the Amazing Oracle On Demand.

Enjoy a year’s worth of 24-7 access to the amazing Oracle, 12 Card Instant Tarot reads and the Single Card Alchemy Tarot.

For when you don’t want the whole shebang of the Horoscopes and the Scheduler but just desire Online Tarot Readings on demand. Or, the more direct and pithy advice from the Oracle.

Your Oracle/Tarots Access is instantly activated upon payment.

You can do as many readings as you would like and each is generated with just a click.  But don’t ask the same question repeatedly! Give your answer some time to settle before asking again.  In the case of the 12 Card Reading, which you can save as a PDF, read it over a few weeks later, to see how it panned out.

The Oracle and Both Of The Tarots Are All Spooky Accurate – Despite Having Totally Different Styles From One Another

What Is Included?

* The 12 Card Reading is done according to the Horoscope style of reading, with each card falling into a placement similar to the houses of the Zodiac. You don’t need any astrological knowledge to understand your answer. It uses the medieval style Waite deck. Every interpretation is completely different, depending on which ‘house’ or sector the card falls in.

Click here for the 12 Card Tarot Sample

* The Vanadium Lightyear Single Card Online Tarot Reading is also instant and just a click away. It’s fantastic for a fast blast hit of cosmic clarity, as opposed to the more thoughtful 12 Card reading. Some also prefer its more modern imagery. This Tarot is based on alchemy and provides short, poignant takes on your question. It is unlike anything else out there and speaks more to the state of your psyche or the alchemical status of a situation.

And then there is the magnificent but notorious Oracle, for when you want a more cheeky approach. Providing a huge variety of scarily on point answers to a number of pre-set questions (see below), the Oracle is always there, 24-7.  Choose your question, click “Ask” and voila, a super pertinent answer.

How do the Online Tarot Readings Prove To Be So Consistently Relevant?

Dark Matter? Magic? Honestly, i think it is the power of synchronicity – as above, so below. There are so many more energetic connections between kin, psyche, cosmos and those who spark our soul than we consciously realise.

There also some thoughts on divination from me here and here.