Neptunian Nights Relaxation + Dream Enhancement

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$9.99 AUD

The Neptunian Nights Mp3 is a 20-minute long serenity inspiring soundtrack. But although it is fabulous Relaxation Music, its benefits go beyond that. Neptunian Nights will prepare you for an ultra-restful sleep and enhance your dreams. If you have listened to Dream Witchery, you will know I think a dream practice is one of the most simple and effective magical modalities. The Mp3 features the sounds of Neptune (the Shamanic Planet) and gentle Alpha frequency Binaural Beats to chill even the most frazzled mind. It works on multiple levels; restorative sleep for rejuvenation and dream awareness for the psyche.

It is instant download, and the download/play links appear on the screen after you have placed your order. Neptunian Nights is also stored on your Mystic dashboard, so you need never worry about losing an Mp3 or Astrology Report.


7 reviews for Neptunian Nights Relaxation + Dream Enhancement

  1. Ruby (verified owner)

    Can highly recommend this pre sleep soundscape… each time I have had a blissful unbroken nights sleep….something to be treasured! Mystic is marvellous! Thankyou

  2. Dev (verified owner)

    Love it!

  3. Sag-Scorp (verified owner)

    I love this piece. It seems to resonate somewhere I can’t really identify. Definitely creates super lucid dreams -that I can mostly remember – enough to consult a dreamer’s dictionary.

  4. Dizla (verified owner)

    This truly otherworldly sound was a soul soothing experience which left me feeling very “clear” when I awoke. My brain space felt light and cleansed and so I recommend this enlightened product to anyone who needs to lighten up their headspace and sleep deeply. The dreams were vivid and I am very grateful that Mystic is such an awesome producer of things magical metaphysical and mood enhancing

  5. sooshy (verified owner)

    OMG, the sounds are like smooth velvet on the ears and opulent silk for the brain! I looped the tunes and fell into a deep state of bliss. You are truly a binaural Sound Queen!

  6. PJS (verified owner)

    Lovely product. Bought it last night because I was surfing the web at 2:30 am with insomnia. I don’t remember falling asleep, but my earbuds were still in when I woke up. Have used biaural technology before but this is restful, soothing, and I see amazing color designs and patterns behind my eyes during use. The sound cloud is unique and otherworldly but not disharmonious or disturbing. After a time you become one with the sound. I also listened to it during the daytime during a meditative bath. Very relaxing and calming. I recommend this lovely product.

  7. lou (verified owner)

    Awesome Mystic. I need this very much for my speedy brain. Thankyou.

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