Mystic’s Personal Audio Zaps


Mystic’s snappy ten-minute audio take on your birth chart energy, current transits, or any particular question. Your Audio Zap also includes the time Mystic takes to study your astro and tune in.  Your Mp3 will be uploaded to your Mystic Dashboard, under Downloads and you will be emailed when it’s there.

You can download it but it also remains on the dashboard for easy access. Immediately after ordering, you’re sent an email where you can provide more details and specify if you would prefer a write-up to an Mp3.

The turnaround is between two and 14 days.* Mystic’s Audio Zaps are fulfilled on a strictly first-in, first-served basis. If this says “out of stock” it means they’re all gone for Aug/Sept. Questions? Email

*Mystic is doing Audio Zaps from August 8 onward. 

Out of stock

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The Audio Zaps were a surprise hit! They were devised to give people a blast of Mystic’s unique take on their personal birth chart, current astro-dilemmas, and upcoming transits without the commitment to a one-on-one consult. The latter are usually booked out for over a year at any rate. Audio Zaps fill the gap between the instant download reports and a dialogue-style consult.

“The advantage of this approach is that I can parse a whole lot of individual factors together and come up with a hypothesis. For example, your Sun conjunct Mars in the 1oth AND Mars is the chart ruler AND Uranus is opposite your Mars AND you’ve got an Aquarius Moon PLUS you want to move house/get married/start a company. You can’t do that in even the coolest instant reading and often, not even one on one. Additionally, the relatively short time frame concentrates my focus, I take it as a challenge to converge all the data into one brilliant meta-theory or solution. It’s a good fit for my Mercury in Aries.”

Previously, these were sent via Dropbox or email, which was frustrating as people would lose them in digital decluttering benders or have reasonable concerns about security. Now, the Audio Zaps are uploaded to your Mystic Dashboard and you can play them – or any of the other Mp3s – straight from there. Or you can download to listen to on any other computer or device that you like.

These are available to order now, with the turnaround being between two and fourteen days from August 8. Upon ordering, you’re sent an instant email where you can input questions and so on. Then, when Mystic has done your Audio Zap, you’ll be emailed! If you have any questions about this or any other product, please email

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