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How to get the jump on an astro-phenom as fast and hotted up as this one? Easy. Listen to Mystic’s Mp3!

Mars is in Aries non-stop till January 6/7 2021.  The last time this occurred was over 70 years ago (although 1988 came close) and in case you’re wondering, yes it’s combative. But it also has epic potential.

Instantly download Mystics Mars in Aries Astro-Rant for upbeat but sharp info on how to maximize this unique phase.

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Mars rules Aries and, like Saturn in Capricorn or Neptune in Pisces, is ultra-potent in his own sign. So a phase featuring Mars this amped up and for so long is remarkable. It’s also rare. The last time Mars was on his home turf for anywhere near this long was in 1988. But that phase fell short of 2020 by about a week. The previous record for Mars in Aries without a break was in the 1940s.

But Mars in this feisty Fire sign until January 2021 is not only notable because of the non-stop Ramzilla action. It includes a Mars Retrograde from September 10 until November 14, a piece of work in itself. Mars Retro can be an incredible phase but it has rules and those rules are worth following. And because Mars goes back and forth between 14 and 28 Aries, it means three x Mars-Saturn and Mars-Pluto squares.

It’s like the business end of the Saturn-Pluto opposition from January. For a broader take on what that was all about, see my Turbulent Times series of (Mega Mystic member-only) posts. Or Freak In About The Economy.

This Mars Mp3 is my take and it’s exactly what I would say to my closest friends or family – it’s not a “hey wow guys” take because this is a difficult period. But where there are threats, there are also opportunities. And handled properly,  this much Mars oomph is fantastic on a personal level.

It’s an instant download upon purchase and about 39 minutes long. If you would like the transcript, please email

26 reviews for Mystic’s Mars In Aries Astro-Rant

  1. suzannemarjorie (verified owner)

    So helpful Mystic! I quote you too often regarding this rant. At this time of flux in everything to have clear astrology guidance is a gift 💝 Thankyou

  2. Eclipse Tripper (verified owner)

    I was absolutely hanging for a Mystic Medusa astro-rant when this landed in my inbox. This Mars in Aries rant did not disappoint. More rants please Mystic.

  3. babysinclair (verified owner)

    As always in her rants, Mystic gives a thorough run down on the energy of this transit and great advice for managing it. I feel primed and motivated for the second half of the year with this rant on Mars in Aries. Thank you MM!

  4. Lucia (verified owner)

    Yep. Second listening. Appreciate the incisive messages and precautionary injections. An oracle who forms a cohesive vision out of apparent mayhem and is comprehensible. An oracle who doesn’t leave you hanging by your fingernails. And yet one who spices with a quirky sense of humour as well as an appropriate, almost tangible appreciation of gravity. Life is all about challenges. It’s indispensable to have a canny star guide.

  5. neptunia (verified owner)

    Thank you, Mystic. A fabulous action plan to quell the fear and anxiety challenging all of us through these crazy times. I loved your analogy of being butted by the Ram and the Goat..I had a little giggle…but I’m sure not at all funny at the time. I have been the butt of said headstrong animals also! Love your work Beautiful….what would I do without you xxx

  6. MCS (verified owner)

    Mars in Aries rant is EPIC and a must for anyone trying to navigate these crazy times. Thank you Mystic for always being a straight shooter and not fluffing the unfluffable.

  7. maggiekerr (verified owner)

    Excellent as ever dear Mystic. You are the only subscription I bother with! Particularly helpful re managing the Saturn Mars complex. You’re a star. Cheers from Maggie

  8. warptoad (verified owner)

    Amazing! I know I will be listening to this over and over again. Really helped me wrap my mind around these weird energies and how to best approach them.

  9. martina.gosnell (verified owner)

    Always solid excellent insights and information. Has, as always been invaluable in helping navigate things, particularly at this time!

  10. Beth (verified owner)

    So good and very detailed – just finished listening a second time, and I heard new insights. Always a treat to hear Mystic’s thoughts in her voice. Highly recommend.

  11. GreenWitch (verified owner)

    Another Mars in Aries person here. I’m five foot but been told I can be scary. This rant proved immediately helpful, allowing me to be more aware of my inner Morrigan! Thanks Mystic, as ever.

  12. Nan (verified owner)

    Excellent insight (as always), this offers essential tools to forge through this changing time. Be brave!

  13. LolaKritz (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Mystic for a fantastic analysis and your encouraging words. I’ll try to be ready, versatile and disciplined in order to navigate the last marathon of this unbelievable year. Your guidance will help a lot and it makes me hopeful for 2021 :)))
    Merci beaucoup

  14. Lisa (verified owner)

    Fabulous – loaded with insights about the nature of this energy and how it will be influenced by various trines and squares with other planets. Helpful suggestions about how to work with this energy (rather than blind-sided by it) as well as insights about how certain peeps may feel empowered to use it in all the wrong ways. Highly recommended.

  15. seawitchmermaid (verified owner)

    Really great, listened to it as soon as I got it and will listen to it again soon.

  16. MagentaGirl (verified owner)

    Totally brilliant. Focused my Mars energy in two aspects of my chart, as directed by Mystic, and I’ve applied the Tao of the Spreadsheet to tidy up my super, (literally) finding lost $$$ and the Tao of the Brave to apply for further study, plan my exit strategy, and prep to flourish and shine in dark times. Thank you Mystic.

  17. Windhorse11 (verified owner)

    This Mars in Aries is yet again what I call “Mystic Magic”
    Because of this rant and earlier blog entries about qi-vampires, surreal dreams and all of it after a one year absolute nightmare of work – I just QUIT.
    Makes me nervous of course as it’s not a good time to be looking for work nor am I chronologically young, but it is just the kick I needed to get me to do MY thing. My work.
    With great appreciation and thanks. MMs inspiration is motivating.

  18. Crystallised future (verified owner)

    As a person who has Mars in Aries this has been fantastic advice – don’t take on a battle that becomes bigger than Ben Hur during this transit is one titbit that I will be keeping in mind for the whole of the transit. It’s a testing time in my life right now and I have a tendency to go off my rocker and ‘hit back’ hard if I am challenged by someone who I think is an idiot. I’ve lost count of the number of purchases I’ve made through Mystic Medusa. I’ve highly valued all of them.

  19. Mysticcaitlin (verified owner)

    The Mars in Aries was fantastically helpful. As always, Mystic’s ability to translate the cosmology into inspiring and practical advice is beyond compare.

  20. laart (verified owner)

    I am living thru Pluto conjunct my ascedant , I needed this rant and I will listen multiple times!!!

  21. Dizla (verified owner)

    Fabulously insightful and jam packed with evidence based wisdom. Mystic you never fail to deliver

  22. charliechill (verified owner)

    A brilliant guide for turbulent times, thank you.

  23. Scorpleocap (verified owner)

    Thought-provoking and inspiring on so many levels. I absolutely love all of Mystic’s rantings, and this one hasn’t failed to please. For me at least there is something more magical about hearing the information than reading it. You get such a buzz when you listen to Mystic that I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried her rants to give them a go.

  24. amaranthisme (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I got this one. Was about to kick my way through, and then realized I just needed the power of the omm. Last time Aries was retro I f’ed up so I am glad I got to this before I had even an inkling of fighting from the offence position. Mystic is like a friend you see at parties, she twirls around, explains the lot and dashes off before it gets dull. As always I love this about her. My thanks.

  25. Stella Polaris (verified owner)

    Have listened to twice already – there is a lot of Astro advice and guidance re how to manage the energy of this long transit.

  26. claire.orrell (verified owner)

    I loved this!! As an Aries I was secretly a little excited for Mars in my sign as I need some extra gusto right now, but I appreciate that it might be dicey for the world at large. As usual Mystic summed up the energy of this brilliantly and gave some excellent tips on how to navigate this lengthy transit (note to self, do my tax!). I’m going to listen again and make notes!!

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