Mystic’s 2020 Astrology Rant

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Listen to my 30 minutes for-real take on the 2020 Astrology. Spoiler: It’s going to be better! Anticipate more Air Element*, some particularly fantastic dates for prosperity in particular and a romance/style/creativity reboot. It’s for all the signs and is a fantastic preview + broad planning aid.

*Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini!


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9 reviews for Mystic’s 2020 Astrology Rant

  1. Lady Jane (verified owner)

    Mystic is precise and gives you the tools required for success in difficult times. I would not be where I am without her. This doesn’t mean that everything is pretty rainbows – my work is extensive with shadow and karma – MM helps shed light to what have become “minor” glitches on the journey of life. Excellent for business planning and keeping your cool around obstacles.

  2. Janette (verified owner)

    Absolutely bloody brilliant!! I will be listening more than once, and taking notes. I’d spotted many of the major themes already, but I’m blown away by Mystic’s eye for detail and ability to sniff out a rare astrological pattern. Highly recommended.

  3. Gemauto (verified owner)

    Wow! Thanks Mystic the 2020 Rant certainly is ‘Better Times Ahead’ style. Being chained to the Saturn wheel has been frustrating and numbing and … well …a long time load. Best wishes for all your new projects too.

  4. Geminian (verified owner)

    Loved it, great perspective and nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train barrelling towards us––no that would be the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in January! But still, so well done and great to hear your voice again Mystic. You are the light in the dark and guide us ever onwards to find the best of ourselves.

  5. Queen of Disks (verified owner)

    As always I’m excited to hear what MM has to say about pretty much anything. I was not let down with this rant. Your words build evoke images that help me visualize incredible things for myself. Thank you for all that you do! I’m glad your voice is back.

  6. Librarius (verified owner)

    Cannot wait for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction to get on with it already and be over? I can’t. Even though the 2020 forecast sounds as intimidating as it is promising, I was glad to hear about all the Air element factors for the next year that are bound to be helpful for someone with my natal chart; and as for the potentially slightly volatile factors – forewarned is forearmed, right? Thank you for posting this early on and giving us time to plan, Mystic! January is too emotionally loaded, better to think about all that now.

  7. Boogeywookiie (verified owner)

    Thank you for this insightful rant – so pleased you have recovered your voice. It feels like all the promise and hope that I longed for in 1999 at the starting point of the new century will actually begin to bear fruit during 2020-21. I am delighted to live in such interesting times.

  8. Fireandwater (verified owner)

    Amazing report! I found this very helpful in tying together some personal trends and transits with the overall energy of the times with a view toward what is being foundationed. It’s hopeful and inspirational, offering the serenity of a longer-term timeline. Helps me see the horizon while still in the depths, which brings peace to my process. The flame to a map on a dim path. Love it, Mystic! Thanks.

  9. LauraD (verified owner)

    Incredible details to get ahead of the curve. Very much looking forward to ringing in the new decade!

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