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  • The Moon Calendar ICS Calendar download
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5 reviews for Mega Mystic Member Trial

  1. alannahWA (verified owner)

    MM has given me something to consider in my day, and often draws my attention to where my attentions would be well spent. Just now as the sun sets I opened this morning’s message. Spot on advice that actually reflected the ‘good stuff’ that I did today. Affirmed my choices. Thankyou

  2. Nomit (verified owner)

    I love the Mega Mystic Member Trial. What a generous programme, and Mystic Medusa makes a seriously complicated topic easy reading (sort of!).

  3. Disie (verified owner)

    Am really enjoying being back in the Mystic fold – I subscribed for a few years but had to stop for a while. I still read Mystic in the weekend paper. Her take on all things big and small is spot on – her astrology often explains why things are happening on a bigger scale n the world and on a smaller scale in my life. She really is an exceptional astrologer with a hint of the psychic!

  4. Luckysrar (verified owner)

    Am loving this. Used to subscribe a ways back, and returning now it seems to me that MM’s interpretations are more pertinent than ever, given our times. With gratitude xxx

  5. Esheronas (verified owner)

    Will be upgrading to a significant membership length upon end of my trial. MM is everything the other reviewer’s say and more.

    It’s uncanny how on point her horoscopes are. How her “tarot” draws mirror the cards I cast myself. They are literally the same cards…. Minor Variations of the cards (Like getting a Minor Arcana version of a Major)….. orrrrrrr EXCELLENT clarifiers for everything I don’t Want, yet Need to hear. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Probably one of the only Mediums I’ll every Trust. Mainly because my connection was entirely Trust-less. No-one referenced me. I had no overt gaining motive. Wasn’t seeking it out. Just a subtle refreshing appearance. Like a brisk gale on a stagnant humid summer’s stroll.

    In Tao fashion, a Mystic Medusa article somehow got opened on my phone. It was read a month or so later; after porting it to my PC in a foray of consolidating my Tabs into a unified hierarchy tree.. All the while me wondering: When was this opened…. Why I didn’t read it whence opened….. or rather How it arrived in the first place, unbeknownst to me. The writing was brilliant, the type you remember. o.O

    Regardless, MM is eerily on point. Like going to the spooky house on Hallow’s Eve. Finding out it’s a cheerful old couple in fantastic costumes that ONLY Gives $100 + King Size of your Favorite Candy. Quite exquisite. (8

    It’s free. The only thing you have to lose is some Time reading. A voyage of the most enthralling varieties; a tryst for the psyche. You’ll be gifted a better Grok by the insight.

    Get in the Know. Here’s some aid in your Now.

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