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An astrological love forecast is essential for those phases when you’re actively seeking a new lover or managing a complex relationship scenario. Love Warp 9 is unabashedly Venus-centered, offering talismans and scents for your natal Venus, the dates when Mars will be conjunct your natal Venus (epic mating and dating terrain), and your most favorable Venus transits for the next nine months.

Format: PDF – Instant Download.

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11 reviews for Love Warp 9

  1. Uranianum (verified owner)

    Magical, mystical, fun and most of all erudite as always. I love Mystic’s take on all things astro.

  2. Jellyz31 (verified owner)

    Wonderful and fun! Loving the venusian talisman in conjunction with favorable transits.

  3. brigid (verified owner)

    As always a wonderful insight into life and wonder.
    Thank you Mystic <3

  4. Moinee (verified owner)

    Love Wrap 9 has provided me with a reasurring and alluring peek into the future. It has acted as a caution against making rash relationship choices based merely on current circumstances, personal experience of relationship demise and transitioning.
    Thanks so much Mystic for your insights and generosity 🍓🐞🍎

  5. Nothing (verified owner)

    Concise and on point. A handy and succinct reminder of how to plan for these periods in your life and make the most of them.

  6. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Just love this site and all the reports! I find the most interesting ones tonwork with are the natal charts and the soulmating!
    Do you offer individual sessions?

  7. Scorpleocap (verified owner)

    It’s not a huge report but it’s worth getting as it covers the venus transits which are not covered in the year ahead report, and may actually be the nicest times of the year. I felt compelled to write a review after actually experiencing the transits as they were eerily spot on, and made me more aware of how Venusian energy plays out in my life and – excuse me if I sound like a live zombie – but just what a beautiful energy it is.
    It would be improved if Mystic revamped it similarly to the recent revamp of the year ahead reports, but it’s still pretty good!

  8. Night (verified owner)

    I really miss the old love warp readings. They were more expensive but mystic did them herself, instead of it being a computer generated list of your transits, and I found it way more cohesive and meaningful. Also she looked into progressions and stuff that, my understanding is, takes longer to program into a computer generated report. This one is still a fun report, just less depth than I prefer.

  9. Catebla (verified owner)

    Don’t know yet. Nothing happens until late September. But thank you. C PS will write one after Sept.

  10. redondo.bleach (verified owner)

    Really fun! Love the parts about how to adorn your Venus and other correspondences. The transits are really useful.

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