Lifetime Mega Mystic Membership

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$800.00 AUD

Get forever access to Mystic’s unique Horoscopes, Oracles, Tarots, and Daily Mystic email. It includes 50% member discounts for the Astro Rants and the Astrology Reports, along with the members-only posts.

If you have an existing membership, this one begins at the end of your existing one. Please allow approximately 48 hours for your new membership end date (never!) to show.


14 reviews for Lifetime Mega Mystic Membership

  1. (verified owner)

    This is the thing: What Mystic Medusa does is valuable, brilliant. MM’s take on astrology and the tarot readings offer insights, clarity, perspective. I love it. And appreciate it. Thanks and praise to MM and the team.

  2. elf (verified owner)

    A lotta fun, all the time. Clever, creative lexicon, intriguing images, upscale everything and oh, the astrology? Did I mention the fabulous astrology?

  3. Aquamoonloon (verified owner)

    Lifetime membership? In the gang forever? Yes please! Happy Birthday to me!! Thank you MM for the generous discount 🙏🏻
    I found my tribe, my Aqua moon is happy 😊
    xoxoxo cc

  4. Korinna (verified owner)

    in 2015 , a dear friend gave me Mystic as a birthday gift. I have never once looked back. The accuracy is eerily amazing and the sage advice hits home each and every time. I love the new Oracle and the Tarot is great. (I myself am a well-seasoned Tarot reader of 32 years but we all know that it is really hard to read for yourself). I signed up for the lifetime membership without hesitation as it is so well worth the investment into support and wisdom.I look forward to the many years of tuning in and feeling centered.

  5. Garnet70 (verified owner)

    Having read Mystic’s books (years back) – I love the insight she gives. Treating myself to Mega Mystic has got me set. There is always something to learn and to take on board. Great content to be found throughout – my favourites are the Oracles and Tarot. Looking forward to the personalised horoscopes. You do spoil us!

  6. devilgetout (verified owner)

    I love Mystic so much I bought this for myself and a dear friend! She is ever relevant, on point and poetic. I always rue the days I ignore or forget her so apropos advice to heed the cosmos. Forewarned is forearmed! Now I reread her Daily Mystic emails and my scopes before I send off sensitive communiqués. I highly recommend a membership of any length – monthly, yearly or lifetime – if you wish to be well informed of the subtler influences (and sometimes not so subtle) affecting not only yourself but those you interact with on a daily basis. And I love that the sight is ad free and supports Mystic, her staff and and Pluto the Wonder Rescue Horse! Thank you Mystic and Team! xo

  7. Katy (verified owner)

    Great value, I love the idea of the personalised horoscopes (coming soon) and the tarot/oracle, even if I’m a bit of junkie in that regard 😉

  8. tdq (verified owner)

    a lifetime special… woah too irresistable… only just begun but it’s a sparkling radiant laboratory that speaks in so many ways on different levels – a sideways wallop of the universe into daily life, lurve it.

  9. Xenos (verified owner)

    The best thing I ever did was get a lifetime membership! The blogs make my day with the insightful perspective. I play with the tarot everyday, to kinda see what kind of day I’m gonna have. I use the moon calendar as a tool to plan stuff on the more positive days, I’ve been having a rough go at life of late and every little bit helps. I’ve been a member for several years and have gotten the extra stuff too. I luv luv luv Mystic Medusa. Thank you daaaaarling for all that you do! You ROCK!

  10. Scorp shining + Aqua lifting (verified owner)

    Every day of the year except Sundays for since ever I’ve been seeking MM’s guidance and it’s great to know now I don’t have to worry about not subscribing on time. Thanks MM!!

  11. Lexie (verified owner)

    I can’t live without my Mystic – this is a no brainer. Lifetime membership is so worth it for me – one of the few websites I check more than once a day. Absolutely love it XXX

  12. Helen A (verified owner)

    I feel blessed to know that I will always have MM’s guidance and wisdom, forever. I feel safe with her guidance.

  13. Ck (verified owner)

    great to know that guidance will be at hand – for ever! 🙂

  14. shazzzstarrr (verified owner)

    My lifetime haven…thank you MM for creating a mystical and magical playground in which to recharge and rejuvenate every single day. xo

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