Future Virgo Mp3

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Future Virgo is Mystic’s take on Virgo’s Horoscope for the next decade and beyond in 14 minutes. It’s narrated by her Leo television newsreader friend as he has a fantastic voice (fast but clear) and Mystic is under ENT’s orders to rest her voice at the moment. This need-to-know is upbeat, flattering and also appropriate for Virgo Rising people.


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6 reviews for Future Virgo Mp3

  1. VirgoProtocol (verified owner)

    Just what I needed. A tonic of “the future is bright!” and some neat validation of VV struggles. Virgo cannot switch off. Multiple Virgo here and need all the help I can get, so I can keep on helping others! Doh!

  2. Invicta (verified owner)

    I’ve likened Mystic’s astro forecasts to weather reports in the past, but this one takes the gluten free seedloaf. Virgo horoscopes should always be read by professional newsreaders. The vocal authority lends already formidable copy a frightening air of credibility. I laughed out loud when he said, “dysfuctional as fuq.”

  3. Marcella (verified owner)

    This explained SO much. I’m Saggo with Virgo rising. I never really grasped what a big deal the rising is in my make up until this rant. I also now totally get what Virgo Vision is and what a massive role is plays in who and what I am – and maybe NOW how I can keep it from dragging me. This stuff is gold.

  4. Raven80 (verified owner)

    I’ve been guilt-tripping like mad for the past week or so, so it was a huge relief to listen to this recording and understand why I feel almost crazy all of a sudden. As a Multiple Virgo, I really benefited from this wonderful look at the next decade, it actually gave me hope and courage! So I totally recommend this for all Virgos and people with a strong Virgo influence. Thank you Mystic!

  5. annafras (verified owner)

    As a multiple conjunct Virgo, I clearly need all the help I can get and as our reputation would suggest, we will not settle for anything less then perfection. Mystic can be relied upon to serve the Virgo truth! Honestly, no one gets us. She gets us. A must have for everyone, even if you don’t identify as Virgo per se, we’re in the big earth era right now and I think Mystic offers some amazing insights for this energy. Thank you Mystic!

  6. galadarling (verified owner)


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