Future Cancerian Mp3

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Listen to an approximately 30-minute long Mystic Rant on the Cancerian prospects from the July 2019 Eclipse Season through until the 2030s. Yes, it’s a broad vision, infused with the same fresh-take on Cancer vibe of this post here

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11 reviews for Future Cancerian Mp3

  1. Dizla (verified owner)

    I really loved this futuristic look at Cancer and all the great advice on how to handle things. So meaningful and helpful. Mystic’s generosity is really cool and she has such valuable insights into we Crabs, that it was a revelation to discover the wonderful life that awaits us! Bravo Mystic you are gold!

  2. Lux (verified owner)

    This is just fantastic. Mystic always delivers. Thank you so much!

  3. GreenWitch (verified owner)

    I bought this for my ‘wayward’ nephew who is a multiple crab baby (stellium plus in cancer, including sun).
    I haven’t listened to it – wanted to give him some privacy while he listened to it while visiting me.
    The five stars are because of the response he gave when he’d finished!

  4. virgo rising (verified owner)

    With 4 planets conjunct in early Cancer, all conjunct Gemini midheaven, and north node in late Cancer I was very interested to hear the future cancer rant as it would apply to me in spades. Never disappointed, I found all that you had to say completely on point and helped me to clarify what is going on now and gives me a clearer sense of what is coming and how to deal with it. Thanks MM. your are a true ally on the path…

  5. Mysticcaitlin (verified owner)

    Mystic Medusa you are the real deal. Insightful, authentic, and helpful. As always you nail the situation and specific characteristics but without judgement – it is so refreshing and empowering. Thank you!!!!!!

  6. JFarin (verified owner)

    Tthis was great! Very insightful and easy to listen to. Would love more of these in future. Thanks!

  7. Ramona (verified owner)

    This was fantastic! It’s insightful and a lot of fun. Mystic is easy to listen to and it’s nice to hear all the reassurance.
    And yes, I’m a cancer in sun and moon. 😉

  8. Fi (verified owner)

    Thanks, Mystic, I am a Cancerian and feel all the emotions during the eclipse, full moon and any retrogrades, it brings joy knowing I’m okay and you’ve got me covered.

  9. smallen (verified owner)

    Eerily right on… like so much so that I don’t even want to have to admit it

  10. Windhorse11 (verified owner)

    I am a Scorpio, with Scorpio rising. However, lots of friends, and a brother-in-law are Cancers and I love Mystic’s rant and reports I figured, why not? Fabulous. A whole other dimension I was unaware of. I have been re-reading my Power Moons report and annual Year Ahead and I’m again amazed at the precision and depth of these reports. I can see with a great deal more clarity my patterns that caused heartbreak and loss — and am relieved that a period of genuine growth and healing is now. I’ve been a Mystic follower since buying “Sun Signs and Soul Mates” in 2005. As soon as I found Mystic’s site about 4 years ago, I’ve been an annual member and cannot imagine not starting my day with the wisdom, humour and fabulous art she finds to begin my morning.

  11. neptunia (verified owner)

    I am a Cancer Rising, Pisces Sun. Totally on point. Fantastic! I love how you deliver your rants, Mystic. It’s like having a consult in my living room with a dear friend who is also damn good at astrology with a little psychic thrown in. The next night I listened to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction rant (awesome!). Another reason why I have been a Mystic member for over 10 years!!

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