Four Year Mega Mystic Access

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+ GST where Applicable – this membership is equivalent to $1.00 a week – to enquire about purchasing it over five weeks via a payment plan, email

Super-relevant Ad-free Astrology And Daily Horoscopes

The Horoscopes are like the insider trading of astrology, designed for people who appreciate strategy. Written to be relevant for any location on earth, they’re not fatalistic. Rather, they are a ‘Thrive Guide.’

The Tarot and Oracle are entertaining and amazingly accurate. And the time-zone adjustable Moon Calendar will make your timing seem almost supernaturally good.

If you are buying a Mega Mystic membership for another person, please email after purchase so we can transfer your membership to the person you are getting it for – we will need their name + email.

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The Mega Mystic Membership Includes Access To:

* Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes: witty, pertinent, and won’t clog your brain with new-age drivel.

* On-Demand Instant Tarot: the 12 Card reading is spookily insightful while the alchemy-themed Single Card Tarot is always good for an esoteric “aha!” moment.

* The Oracle: Choose your question from the drop-down menu, get a cheeky answer. The Oracle always delivers an apt response, even if it is not always what you want to hear.

* The Daily Mystic Email: Sent Monday to Friday, the Daily Mystic is an all-signs “weather” report that gives you the essential heads-up for the day.

* The Moon Calendar: Set it to your time-zone and enjoy accurate Moon Sign, Void Moon, Planet, Retrograde, and valuable “vibe” data. It goes until 2050. Astro-Planning – sorted.

* Mega Mystic Members-only posts and discount coupons for the Consults and Audio Mystic recordings.

More info? See the FAQ page.

4 reviews for Four Year Mega Mystic Access

  1. Bee (verified owner)

    Great value subscription – have been a subscriber for five years now and it’s the only renewal that I never even question. The four year term is perfect for the Mystic addicted. I don’t go a day without using the site in some capacity, and Mystics commitment to constant improvements/updates/upgrades is amazing. Daily personalised horoscopes have become my go to each day!

  2. TheFoolishDreamer (verified owner)

    I look forward to the daily email almost every day of the week. I totally vibe with Mystic’s style of writing and thinking and love having this source of fun, inspired wisdom and support to call upon. Really appreciate the consistent work to improve and update all the offerings on the site as well. Thanks for all you are and do Mystic!

  3. Leo Rebel (verified owner)

    What’s not to like! A great value subscription providing four years of Mystic’s profound and zesty insights. The daily email is the highlight of my subscription, if i’m short on time, this is my go-to read of the day.

  4. cinziam (verified owner)

    I would have preferred a ‘slimmer’ option, only with access to oracles, tarots and monthly horoscopes, without daily emails and daily/weekly horoscopes.

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