Flashback – What WAS That?

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DOWN FOR REDESIGN – BACK SOON Ever wondered what was going on for you during a particular phase? Or when you met a specific person? Written in the past tense, to inspire “aha” moments around past events and eras, Flashback fills you in on the most vital transits for any eight years in your life to date.

Just input your birth data and then select the date you would like your eight years of insights and retrospective astro-passages to begin. Eg; March 14, 2002, or December 25, 1998. You can select any start date that you like and you will then get an eight-year take on the influences operating for the eight years from then.

Turnaround: Instant Download. These are stored on your member dashboard so you need not worry about losing them and, your birth data is also now saved so you won’t need to re-enter your details or those of other people when ordering future reports!

If you don’t know your birth time, please choose midday on the day that you were born. Daylight savings is taken into account so there is no need to adjust for that.

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3 reviews for Flashback – What WAS That?

  1. marjean.gordon@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I have looked, from time to time, at the astrology of the most difficult period of my life, searching for perspective, insights, clues to help me double down on the lessons. As always, Mystic’s take is spot-on and actually, tangibly helpful.

  2. A Starry Seer (verified owner)

    Mystic Medusa’s razor sharp, no bs analysis nailed to the day heart breaking events which forged me . Her clear explanations provide astro newbies, such as myself, as well as those steeped in this art, the cosmic “Aha” moments as to WTF! was going on. This Astro Retrospective is a collection of phenomenal insights which are cosmic tools to forge a most empowered, beautiful and liberated self, from here on! Do it!!

  3. Becinboots (verified owner)

    This clarified so much for me, I was able to reconcile where I was at by putting together where I met people and started jobs and situations. Must do!

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