Dream Witchery Mp3 Rave

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$5.00 AUD

Mystic’s short but super-genius rave about dreams, their importance and how best to maximize their magic for better living. Instant download or just play it straight from your member dashboard!


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5 reviews for Dream Witchery Mp3 Rave

  1. M88 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed listening to this and many things that were mentioned I already knew and did, but loved hearing that other people feel this way. Learnt a few new things too! Thank you Mystic

  2. Aquanuts (verified owner)

    very insighful and powerful rant! loved it! xx

  3. Hel (verified owner)

    I love this rant. Mystic has got a mysterious way of drawing me in. In a way nothing is correct, yet everything is right. From what sheis saying to how she is saying it, both in this rant and the others, you know that this is lived knowledge. This is not analysis, and not an opinion, and it is certainly not a lady who is high on her horse, giving out advice. Mystic is real, and her reality is magic, and the magic has all the textures,and scents, and colors of life.

  4. Jacster (verified owner)

    Another insightful and fun rant by Mystic. Collect them all – you wn’t regret it.

  5. annafras (verified owner)

    I love Mystic Rants! She packs so much information into one Mp3, yes it is all about Dream Witchery but the extemporaneous way she riffs it ends up being about everything. Her cool girl, crazy space aunt verbal style is super jazzy but underneath what always keeps me hooked is she’s just always authentic and has integrity and is so accurate. This is a really good one, I will listen to it more than once, Mystic is like my Hogwarts.

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