Dream Witch Mega Galactica

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$19.00 AUD

The Dream Witchery bundle is ultra amazing value, fascinating and useful. It includes instant access to –

* The Stunning Neptunian Nights Relaxation Music and Dream Enhancement Mp3

* The Amazing and Unique Asteroid Galactica Instant Birthchart Reading – Score Strange But Brilliant Insights Into Yourself And Others!

* Mystic’s short but super-useful Dream Witching Rave.

* A month’s Mega Mystic membership – added onto your current MM membership if you already have one. Or, email assistant@mysticmedusa.com if you would like to transfer it to a friend.



One Month Mega Mystic Access

One month of Mega Mystic member access to Horoscopes, Oracles, Tarot and the must-know Daily Mystic email update.



Dream Witchery Mp3 Rave

Mystic's super-helpful Mp3 talk on dream omens, interpretation and how to maximize this magical modality.



Neptunian Nights Relaxation + Dream Enhancement

Calming and inspirational, Neptunian Nights is a 20-minute relaxation or pre-sleep Mp3. Containing Alpha binaural beats and the transmission frequency of Shamanic Neptune, it inspires beautiful dreaming and deep insight.



Asteroid Galactica

An instant download birth chart like no other, Asteroid Galactica features your most potent asteroids. Pan, Geisha, Minerva, Atlantis and 20 more may seem astrologically frivolous but you'll love learning about this new dimension to your natal birth chart energies.


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5 reviews for Dream Witch Mega Galactica

  1. VIoletnight (verified owner)

    Thankyou for such a wonderful bundle of magical tools. For us single mothers it is a blessing to be able to access the mega sale price offered . It is great to have access to daily horoscopes , oracle cards and more

  2. Suzy Spinster (verified owner)

    Incredible bundle. Thank you so much for putting it together. I’ll be purchasing another. X

  3. Vertex (verified owner)

    The asteroid report was so amazing! Its a whole new world of things to consider… Thank you!

  4. Tara (verified owner)

    Thank you, wonderful bundle.

  5. Pegasus (verified owner)

    Since ceasing bodywork to live in gourmet poverty, this Dream Witch Collection is a value for money investment. Accessible any time. Mystic seems to have condensed everything that has ever been written about dreams, their meaning, their personalities, why’s & when’s into 15 minutes. An educational tool par excellence. The DNA astro has the most in depth and easiest layout with humour & inspirational motivation. Promise to write my dreams down instead of doing re–runs in my head over morning brew.Yes the subconscious is a huge ocean to go swimming in Pisces should know! Mystic sounds like she is channelling, a stream of consciousness, totally unedited.It’s REAL.

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