Daily Individuated Horoscopes Backer

$19.00 AUD

Become a Daily Individuated Horoscope backer and receive early access to these epic, personalized to your exact natal birth chart daily forecasts. They are not only going to be you-specific, but they will also be set to your precise time zone. It will next-level your daily horoscope’s accuracy and relevancy. It’s the most exciting improvement on this site ever and it will be included in the Mega Mystic membership you already have.

But it requires a crazy amount of developer hours which, of course, are costly. The good news is that doing this is not complex – it is just time-consuming and involves a lot of code. Technically, with budget, it could be done in eight days via hiring extra devs. The concept and creative work are mostly complete as I have been thinking about these and writing my delineations for years. At a “normal” pace, this innovation would be able to be launched in late 2020/early 2021. However, by getting Daily Individuated Horoscope Backers, I will be able to speed the entire process up and launch – at the latest – in Feb 2020. The earliest? November 2019.

What do you get for your contribution? My heartfelt thanks and early access to these. You will get a head-start on your personalized horoscopes, having them alongside your usual Daily Horoscopes for eight weeks before they’re launched for everyone else. How does it work? Once you purchase, you’re automatically added to a unique list and will be emailed when the Daily Individuated Horoscopes launch. Please ensure you’ve added your birth details to your member dashboard.

If you want to get more than one of these, you are of course welcome. But they can’t be gifted to non-members sorry. If you can be a backer, it would be amazing! If not, thank you for even reading this far.