Cosmic Spy

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Mystic’s unique take on looking at other people’s birth charts: funky techniques for fast info extraction, when it’s okay to take a peek and when it’s most definitely not. Cosmic Spy is not for astrological newbies but if you’re an astro-fiend or you know a bit* about looking at birth charts, you’ll find this super useful.

What is “a bit?” Well, if you can find Mars on the birth chart, you’re good to go. Warning, it’s opinionated.

Length: 38 minutes

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5 reviews for Cosmic Spy

  1. Librarius (verified owner)

    Very pertinent insights and relevant guidance; I loved that there were not only “don’ts” and hardcore ethics but also the “dos” – advice on how to (ethically) astro-spy better.

  2. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot (verified owner)

    Very wise, very eloquent.

  3. Joh (verified owner)

    I love Mystic’s voice and the wisdom she shares, this is yet another installment that helps to navigate. Thank you for your brilliance and generosity.

  4. Ruby (verified owner)

    I liked it, very relevant points about the way to go about being a “Cosmic Spy”..It is always a buzz listening to or reading a Mystic rant/
    reading/blog/…so thank you

  5. Incense (verified owner)

    This is an enjoyable listen that helped me realized that my use of the Soul Mating Report was ethical and spot on. 😀

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