6 Month Mega Mystic Access

$56.00 AUD

+ GST where Applicable

Get super-relevant ad-free cosmic info and guidance 24–7

Why spend extra money or time on psychics when you have Mystic’s Instant Tarot and the Oracle? The Horoscopes are like the insider trading of astrology, designed for people who appreciate timing, strategy and the talent of thriving through anything.

Mega Mystic Membership Includes: 

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes

Max Out Any Situation To Your Advantage – Score O.M.G. Insights Into Strange Days – Out–Game A Weird Love/Lust Interest – Time Biz/Career Moves Like A Supernatural Genius – Play Sex, Money, Power, Self-Development & Fitness Scenes With Cosmic Edge. The Daily Horoscopes feature a Moon Calendar (including Void Moons) and times for all planetary shifts (e.g.; Mars into Scorpio, Venus into Pisces) in seven different time zones, adjusted for daylight savings – L.A., New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland

On Demand Tarot

For when you don’t know where you’re at and your guides have gone mysteriously a.w.o.l – this 12 Card instant Tarot reading will blow your mind with its accuracy and spooky insights. Not sure about the true intent of a person in your life? If they are thinking about you or could be about to become a key player in your life, they will show up in your reading. 

The Oracle

Choose your Question from the drop down menu – these include everything from What Would Sun Tzu Do (?) – to Is X Thinking Of Me Right Now? The Oracle is not so insightful or psychologically deep as the Tarot. But it has its own strange wisdom. Ask a shallow question and get a shallow (but highly pertinent) answer.

 The Daily Mystic Email

This arrives Monday to Friday and is like the relevant blast du jour for all signs. So if you don’t have time for Horoscopes, Tarot or Oracle – the Daily Mystic arms you with the exact Vibe Du Jour and how to work it. It is relevant no matter where you on the planet.

 The Scheduler

The Scheduler is designed for you to be able to glance at up to a year in advance to grok the vague vibes of the time. It is not a Horoscope or a detailed take on the astral terrain but it is brilliant for trip planning, scheduling vital meetings and working around or with tricky times. Complexity is a given this millennium but this Scheduler will give you a vital edge.

The Mega Mystic access does not auto-renew – come and go as you please! You will receive a reminder email three days before expiry with an option or renew or not. The reason for this is that Mystic personally hates feeling locked into contracts or finding that the onus is on her to stop something renewing.

More info? See the FAQ page.