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Super-relevant Ad-free Astrology and Horoscopes

The Horoscopes are like the insider trading of astrology, designed for people who appreciate strategy. Written to be relevant for any location on earth, they’re not fatalistic. Rather, they work more like a ‘Thrive Guide.’

The Tarot and Oracle are entertaining and amazingly accurate. And the time-zone adjustable Moon Calendar will make your timing seem almost supernaturally good.

If you are buying a Mega Mystic membership for another person, please email after purchase so we can transfer your membership to the person you are getting it for – we will need their name + email.

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The Mega Mystic Membership Includes Access To:

*The Daily Personal Horoscope, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes: witty, pertinent, and won’t clog your brain with new-age drivel.

* On-Demand Instant Tarot: the 12 Card reading is spookily insightful while the alchemy-themed Single Card Tarot is always good for an esoteric “aha!” moment.

* The Oracle: Choose your question from the drop-down menu, get a cheeky answer. The Oracle always delivers an apt response, even if it is not always what you want to hear.

* The Daily Mystic Email: Sent Monday to Friday, the Daily Mystic is an all-signs “weather” report that gives you the essential heads-up for the day.

* The Moon Calendar: Set it to your time-zone and enjoy accurate Moon Sign, Void Moon, Planet, Retrograde, and valuable “vibe” data. It goes until 2050. Astro-Planning – sorted.

* Mega Mystic Members-only posts and discount coupons for the Consults and Audio Mystic recordings.


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34 reviews for One Month Mega Mystic Access

  1. jicky (verified owner)

    Like a life coach that I can access any time. Updating me on the state of play in the world from different lenses, comparing it to other times in history. Deep in facts and esoterica – it’s all covered. Offers support and guidance, often just to keep cool under pressure or go for gold. Love it.

  2. sashnka (verified owner)

    love it, my day doesn’t officially begin untill i consult this, somehow she just knows, mystic’s interpertation is a rare genuine genius, the delivery is neural cardio i mean “… piss off the drab modesty and any pretense toward normality…” yes yes yes when i say love it i truly deeply mean LOVE IT!!!!!!

  3. kylielou (verified owner)

    I love waking up every day, making my coffee and checking not only my daily horoscope but also my partner’s. Gives me insight into how he’s feeling too! Mystic is always spot on and the way it’s written is so different to anything I’ve read before. Fantastically talented astrologer and author. Look forward to subscribing for many years to come. Much gratitude 💜🙏🏻

  4. Georgie (verified owner)

    Really feel like I have the heads up in general and can be eerily accurate on a personal level. I love her take on the world.

  5. spinney (verified owner)

    I was roving the articles here and there on this site and kept loving and laughing out loud at MM’s funny, mercurial, pinpoint accurate insights so decided to join up and see. (Honestly, Pisces this one can see your stockings!) Thank you MM you keep give assistance support and joy as you wave aside the veil, who doesn’t want that?!

  6. pepipaige (verified owner)

    I tried the one month membership to see if I would use it. Well. I am really impressed with all the customized content, reports, rants … plus the blunt acerbic and humorous tone suits me perfectly. I’m coming back for a long-term membership. Worth it!

  7. Swordfish (verified owner)

    Inimitable and indispensable!

  8. Jervais (verified owner)

    So fun waking up every day and checking my daily horoscope. Super impressed by all the content, artwork and the writing – oh the writing.. it’s so bang on. Super grateful, thank you!

  9. aquaqua (verified owner)

    I’ve been reading Mystic Medusa for eons, her lucid expansive take on things is always so inspired and so soothing…the sanity of her. to be signed up to access all the lovely bits of the garden is a joy, her product ( I’m watching re-runs of breaking bad) is 100% because its a clear stream of consciousness that hasn’t hassled for ads or accouterments. you’re buying really deep insight and knowledge and it’s so elegantly conveyed.XXXXXXX

  10. Mintyfresh (verified owner)

    Mystic is really helping me feel grounded in a time where nothing seems stable. I also appreciate no ads and the daily updates!

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