The New Venus Retrograde Rules

Venus Retrograde 2020 Protocol

Every Venus Retro has rules. Venus Retrograde 2020 has new rules. It’s not a control mechanism. It’s to help you avoid hair mistakes (henna, vodka, and the no-poo regime can be problematic) or drastically over-investing in a digital dating crush.

It’s not a myth. I know a Virgo who left her partner/cats and sold a successful business at a loss to fly back to the country she’d recently holidayed in. The inciting incident? A karmic affinity with the tour guide. Yes, it was Retro-Venusian. Her Virgo Vision? Repurposed to analyze every conversation she’d had with the guy, send stunningly articulate emails and stalk psychics to affirm the import of the attraction. She even tried to change religion.

Love Zombie Escapades Make People Look Fantastic

The bubble burst with Venus Direct but for a heady few weeks, there were sacred geometric pyramids, a hormonal high, and the promise of Tantric orgasm. This Virgo also looked incredible: it’s not fair but crazy love and insane Love Zombie escapades often make people look fantastic, better than when they’re sanely attached in a socially acceptable relationship.

It’s notorious for budget blowouts and timeslips, ill-inspired cosmetic surgery, deranged crushes, and relationship dyslexia. The latter is when you’re both committed but reading one another incorrectly.

No Haircutting When You Are High – Unless You Want Dystopia Hair

So we need a protocol for this bi-annual event. Venus Retrograde 2020 is in the wake of that Saturn-Pluto conjunction so it’s a new atmosphere altogether.

I will be doing sign by sign (or rising sign) takes in the May Monthly Horoscopes and you will also be able to see relevant Venusian influences for your personal birth chart in the new Daily Horoscopes.  But here are the general rules, adjusted for the new paradigm. (See pertinent dates below or the Moon Calendar for the ones in your time zone)

(1) No haircutting or dyeing when you are high – unless you want Dystopia Hair.  The Venus in Gemini ideal would be hair color you could change with an amped-up vitamin pill or a frequency machine, like a Mood Ring. But while we are still stuck with primitive pigment-stripping chemicals, be prudent during Venus Retro.

Closed Borders Removes The Prospects Of Deranged Flights For Love

(2) Lockdown and Closed Borders neatly remove the prospects of deranged flights to meet flimsy relationship contenders. It also provides the optimal excuse for not going out when you don’t really want to. It also means e-stalking and online dating activity could be more captivating than usual. Venus in Gemini is intrigued by novelty and word-play. Venus square Neptune (see below) is an idealist. Your activity spectrum is probably more narrow than usual and without the diversion of the gym or a more varied street-scape, for example, your cognition is off. Yes, that’s right – your online crush or relationship assessments could be skewed.

(3) If you are a frontline worker, Venus square Neptune is fab for off-duty/downtime escapism – gaming, movies, hypno-meditation, Dreamweed, whatever. I met a police dispatch person recently who was planning to spend all weekend conquering a particular game level. She’d just done 11 days straight of solid s**t handling, complete with a relentless barrage of disturbing info. These are weird times; even if you’re not frontline but you’re edgy, do what you need to do. Just don’t commit significant money or time during May/June.

Does Your Relationship Harmony Rely On You Being Professionally Waxed?

(4) If your relationship harmony relies on you being professionally waxed or otherwise groomed and a plague/global financial fuqery apparently does not negate this, devise your exit strategy over Venus Retro. Early July will be exceptional for bold new beginnings. Or, if it is dire, go sooner. This astro is testing a lot of paradigms and Venus in Gemini makes light of desirable but audacious moves you balked at before. Note: That does not include D.I.Y. face freezing or filling.

(5) It’s hard to believe after months of Cardinal and Fixed modalities dominating but the astro-atmosphere is about to be ultra-mutable. You can wake up in the morning as a minimalist ready to make Marie Kondo look like a hoarder by midday be browsing for stuff. Or Your aesthetic and mate/date policies fluctuate in response to not-yet-discovered frequencies. It’s biz-as-usual for the Mutable signs but don’t bother trying to clarify your terms of engagement with them.

(6) Read-Write-Compose-Paint: Venus in Gemini with the multiple squares to Neptune is the ultimate Muse. Everything crap in the news right now is the death throes of an era that ended but doesn’t know it yet. The future becomes more apparent later in the year  – see the final post, coming soon in my Cv-19 series – but the new culture is already forming. You’re helping to create it. May/June is optimal for originality, tangents, experiments, and different mediums.

Venus Retrograde 2020 Dates And Info

Venus is in Gemini from April 4 until August 8.  Within that timeframe, Venus turns Retrograde on May 15 at 21º Gemini until June 25 when it turns Direct @5º Gemini.

The Shadow Phase – from when Venus first gets to 5º Gemini until she returns to the 21º point she initially retrograded at – is from April 10 until July 29.

Venus has not been Retrograde in Gemini since 2012, the year that also saw the start of the Zap Zone: Uranus square Pluto. Saturn turned Direct at the degree of the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction, albeit in Libra and a few days off Venus turning Direct. The point? Aside from the geopolitically influential Saturn/Pluto scenario, an eight-year personal cycle that started in 2012 is about to reset. And they’re linked.

The signature alignment of this Venus in Gemini/Retro is Venus square Neptune. It’s in play all May and the entire cycle – three exact pings – is May through until July. The last time there were three Venus-Neptune squares in a row was in 2002. More spell than astro-passage, it is associated with strange, magical inspo and romance. Mists of Avalon or fog of delusion? You often can’t tell until after it’s done but the soundtrack is incredible. 

Image: Hans Neumann – Die Buhne

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Hmmm 2012. New life model
2020 – becoming a photographic life model


My relationship ended in this Venus shadowzone, which began on the eve of the last Venus retro in 2018. Interesting thinking about cycles and how they play out.


mite have to dye my hair tho


Three flakey ex interests contact via online, since this post. MYSTIC ITS LIKE YOU KNOW… 😆


I’m having the best life ever.

Dont tell anyone


In 2012 – during 1.5 years on solitary retreat in a french monastery – I met my lover in San Francisco between France and his home in Australia. Timed our week together for the Venus retro in Gemini and booked a tantric sexual exploration with another couple as guides. She initiated me into feminine sexual energy work the day Venus was crossing the sun and my experience of who I am as an archetype of femininity was reborn. From that moment I wanted everywoman to know and experience this. To that end, after I returned to the monastery for the final 6 months of retreat, in late 2012 I had the opportunity to study tantra with Margo Anand – consort of Osho and holder of his kundalini practice lineage. My reaction to her approach was 180 degrees out from my experience in SF earlier in the year but it did teach me to respect my own intuition and be open to whatever lessons arrive.

I have been on this journey now for 8 years and have yet to discover the framework in which to share these profound energetic practices.

So interesting that now most of the world is isolated on a COVID retreat with the same Venus event reoccurring. With the Neptune squares, this may be the moment for group energies to coalesce in transpersonal portals of sexual energy directed towards earth/heart healing.

I await further developments! xx


I started a business during Venus Rx 2012… it was an EPIC FAIL. Like throwing a bunch of money into a giant black hole (!!!) I wasn’t aware of the power of astrology back then… NEVER AGAIN! HAHA


WELL the scriptwriters for 2020 can stop now, they’ve really jumped the shark with all the crap they’re jamming into the storyline this year! In the last 2012 retro, I was living across the street from a multiple Virgo/Taurus rising man with whom I had a torrid emotional but ultimately unrequited physical affair. A pivotal scene in this prior melodrama had him involved in a dispute in the large mansion/share house he was renovating/living in – a girlfriend living in another portion of the house had a fight with him that resulted in him being kicked out and having to find new accommodations and job under the gun.

Instead of us getting together at that point, a bunch of weirdness happened after the direct and he got settled again. We stopped speaking a couple years after that and while I didn’t know exactly what happened then, I assumed he’d met someone else and I moved on, leaving the city and area entirely in the years since.

When the lockdowns began in March, he contacted me again and we have been filling in the blanks that happened in the years since. It’s too much to go into here but there are SO MANY echoes of the prior retro and his earlier scenario, and it is of course flexing with the wider geopolitical situation – he married a ceo (who may be committing fraud??!), he is an uneasy beneficiary of the bailout scam money, he is suddenly waking up to the class implications of everything happening because the ceo wife demanded a nanny… and he is a massively earth-heavy man clearly flailing and freaking out under the pressures imposed on him. There are, of course, two beautiful little cap-heavy little boys in the picture now.

BUT as far as my astrology goes here – I have the venus retro trekking back and forth across my 4th and 5th house cusp. The NN/venus conj, after the retro, will happen in my 5th.

I am profoundly grateful for the lockdowns, ha!!! 100% okay with some intense texts over this one and then situation changing again not necessarily to a romantic one!!


Wow. This sounds intense. Glad you can be cerebral and distanced, yet get some answers (and a bit of gossip) at the same time!


tbh having a place to share the drama with my fellow pseudo-intellectual astrob*tches is one of the few things keeping me sane and not tipping over the edge with everything going on!!


The Venus retro is in my 12th house (stations direct in my 11th though). It goes out of shadow as it squares my sun and crosses my ascendant.

Neptune is probably in orb of my sun,too.

I think this means i actually need to disappear to my Piscean cloud forest for a few months.

A Double Saturn- moon conjunction in my chart is really biting hard, at least that seems to he the most “logical” (astro speaking) origin for this ugh

Would anyone be kind enough to suggest an antidote? I think i need something different from zoom yoga and meditation but Ohh
i have just at this minute realised that my entrenched opposition to these practices (to be fair it’s drowning all my social feeds * eyeroll)
signifies resistance, and that in itself is an avenue of inquiry… omg.. breakthrough ok hmmmm

I want one of those little Disney friends who flits around my shoulders and says kind and uplifting things to me


I’m also trying to use the time (starting now) to sort my feelings about a Gemini moon (square venus, plus the Neptune transit) man who has barely left his marriage and lives a long way away. For once my cap moon helps with the reality “measure twice, cut once ” check but he was so intense and loving it swept me away, I didn’t know people could feel like that, love should be illegal or at least regulated as a class A narcotic (dopamine, I get it) but I also knew it couldn’t last, with his situation. I did let myself into the feelings which was obviously a huge mistake and it’s hurting. Im trying very hard not to compare myself to a more likely contender in his local realm, or berate myself for relenting to feelings when there was no point, when nothing could happen, . Any way, I’ll get there. Unfollow all the dimensions . He’s an ass, but so am I.


Get into the other chemicals in the bod and make room for better mind and mund


This is a good point you know. Dopamine is the easy high. I want the one that comes from when you’ve just done 20 hill repeats or realise that you just ran 5km for the first time in years


I’m super late to this, having been off-planet for a bit. Ouch…it sounds tricky. You don’t need me to tell you the negatives. Hope you are doing ok. It is so hard to open oneself up to love when the risk of being hurt rides in the sidecar with the feeling.
If Neptune is heading for your sun – maybe channel the feelings into your art/creative practice?? I’m sure you’ve already thought of those things. Yoga isn’t for everyone. But I hope you’re ok. xx


i’m even later to replying , so there is that.

relationally it’s actually been a really profound experience.
re neptune I’ve been experiencing some creative breakthroughs lately, which has felt really good, more about trust in self and some ( a lot) of the really crappy self judgements / some misplaced ideas just dropping away. I am discovering(?) magical realism, but through film and writing, as an actually really useful tool for some kinds of narrative self-work if that makes sense, i might start experimenting with images too
how did you experience your neptune-sun transit? did your Leo rising help? maybe it was a while ago as you’re an early fish? i think x


Maybe you will better get into the Piscean Neptunian forest by balancing out with some Fire, Pi? And true practical Earth.

Maybe the water and air wh8ch you naturally have will learn to come in differently. Feeling my 9wn Water is the single element but with moony neptunian stuff plus heavy earth, i do need to call on true Fire, not just imagine Moon Fire. Get into Taurus. Call on Sag and Leo.

Do you get ideas from these? Take time, make a vision, but practise.


Also, is Aqua 8th or 7th? You might THINK you’re giving it space by choosing the lightly available, but maybe have a look at your NN. What is that?


My 8th house cusp is aqua, by a whisker.

Can you elaborate what you mean by, lightly available?

NN is libra 4th house (in a t square with moon and Venus-Chiron ha ha ha)


‘Lightly available’: despite the man being so intense and loving, he is still not free of patterns from past marriage, and he is not dashing towards you with the intent of creating commitment to and with Pi.

Aqua in 7th and 8th loves freedom and space in loving and intimacy…oxygen and light sparkle growth. So at first it might feel free and fresh, as you need, but then there are his strings, your Piscean 8th sense of his old ties to thoughts and habituated relating. He would not be as aware of what they are exactly, only the sense of ‘unready’ or wary or vulnerable, despite the intensity of feeling. That’s not the same as curious, loving exploration of cooperating in daily regular living. It’s compartmentalised.

Anyway, it’s not a ‘huge mistake’, says this Sag-Jup gambler and Piscean 5th dreamer. How do you create without going in and trying? The pain shows you what you value. Libra wants an equal and partner but SN Aries has karmic experience of being pioneer of your own life and controlling. My Mars is super hard aspected, so i say with compassion. Piscean sacrifice and compromise can be control underhanded, easily mistaken for the compromise that forges relating.


thank you Mille, there’s some really important stuff in here. The past couple of weeks have really helped me revisit ways to sit with a lot of it, I think this has a close relationship with my creative capacity too.
So it kind of unlocks a lot of stuff all at once and i need a couple days each time to let a new thing unravel itself and to experience the release / integration of affects and ideas.
Pain indeed showing what we value – so real.


Oh I forgot to hit post on my reply and accidentally refreshed!

Leo and Taurus…

Thank you Mille. X

Actually I’ve been thinking about this more. Taurus good because my Jupiter is there, and I’m good at Jupiter (who isn’t though?). I can never quite gel with virgo energy at a personal level, and Capricorn is like an active war zone right now, military personnel only kind of thing
Leo because the warm fixed energy and the ongoing need for Leo Learning in my life


Hey, somehow your choice of Leo and Taurus without too much analysis ( ah, Friday after weird work and flu jab, and strange houserel, sorry 😄) feel really good for you. Both of those can be really WARM energies. Get Sun and grow yourself like a plant xxx


Pi 8 can’t advise at all but
I will say that the once venus was in the 12th and I was very active on this blog back then

I made up a whole scenario fantasy. I was excited about creative projects but also lacked the Disney friends, no plates were going to help me write the movie, but I know Jupiter was there too then but…I went full fantasy. I let myself talk out loud to my “producer” and the “cinematographer”. I pretended Tom Hiddleston was 100 percent in and so I by the end had the trip to the Oscars as our date…

Best Venus in virgo I’ve had.

Nothing got written,. But I healed. I never felt lonely again. Not really.

I’ll probably not have a real life relationship because I’d have to be 100 percent present.

Who knows. I’d love to love that.

But I remembered how to make the plates SEEM alive. I remembered to Play, to fill the mundane with richness finally.
It’s not always accessible but 12th house times might be good to try.?


yes indeed 🙂 i love this. thank you saoirse k xx


I suddenly thought about cutting my bangs (it’s almost 2am here), but luckly I read this first 😊


Heheh i have seen one quarantine hair episode that actually WORKED and would maybe have been taken to task or at least mentioned in our pre-covid office. He wears it well! Dark haired, trim bearded well groomed euro-styled man gone blond 😁

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Foretold is forewarned!


God i LOVE that illustration!

Love Merkuri

Thank you for this! So informative as always. I actually happen to do some “time travelling” back to 2012 to pin point what started and as I journaled out bits that would come to mind, soon enough I had a AH-HA! followed by HOLY SH*T because it’s taken 8 years to break a particular cycle I have been in. 8 freaking years. From here on in I can only hope it is going to be smooth sailing as I enter my 40th year on earth on June during what is turning out to be the most creative Venus Retrograde I will get to experience. My writing (journaling) especially has been surprising me.


Oh goodie, my Manic Panic order will be here in a few days so I’ll have it in before real retro. Promise I won’t dye high.


Annoyingly, this happens within 2 degrees square of my natal Venus in Pisces (which, of course has Neptune conjunct in transit) and square my natal Jupiter for maximum charge.

Gem Sun / Pisces Moon Magician BF (srsly, an actual magician) kinda all over the place, misses kisses loves wishes but no we are not moving in together when things lighten up (so we’re not apart for the next lockdown / second wave), b/c it’s too soon (9 mos!).

If I read MM right, I go with word play, being REALLY busy, and scorch up my Moon/Uran/Lillith conjunction to lay on the intrigue. One Mixed Up Riddle Bitch, coming up!


What is the take on relationships that have been developing and moving toward solidifying? Love in the time of Corona Virus is presently relevant.


I would say…Don’t delude yourself or others.


Of course that makes sense according to the traditional guidelines. Seems like something else is happening here and it feels very different compared to what was going on for me in 2012.


It sounds nice. Venus in gem, love of connection and connecting with love. If you’re conscious towards each other I dont think it has to signify anything that you won’t be able to surmount together xx


Thank you for this. Reminds me very much of a gemini woman who was like a second mother to me, and your words reminded me of her. She would have most likely said something similar.


Hey, the times bring us all back to simple appreciation of what we value as fun and lovely! A growing connection can build and enjoy this more. You’d both have an appreciation of in-this-moment presence and that is the everything, fleeting, real, coasting the moment to moment with all around being uncertain. It’s like a Geminian buoy, rather than an anchor of past anything. Buoys float but stay, and can be moved. Anchors can only be there or aweigh. Perfectly imperfect! Enjoy the heck out of it x


Hi Mystic,

I scheduled my haircut in a Leo moon, June 24, coz it falls on a Wednesday.
And according to my cultures’s astro my timing is restricted before 12 pm on Wednesday (due to some aspect)

So does this mean if I cut on that day, it is bad? Because it is Venus retrograde. Please help out.


2012 was the year I had a complete nervous breakdown and ended up as an inpatient at a mental facility for 10 days. It was said that I may never be able to resume a normal life. Seven years later I am THRIVING in a way I can barely believe.

In 2012 I was also in a relationship with the most disoriented Aquarius I ever met. I feel bad saying it, but a complete waste of oxygen of a human being with no drive or critical thinking skills, the kind of person who preaches socialism and never gets a life or a job because it’s “feeding the capitalist beast”. I knew deep down that he was only envious of those self-starters who can make any economy work. It was like he was Serenity Signaling the economy.

As an ambitious 8th-house Mars go-better type, I cringe at the fact that I partly funded his lifestyle. But I am in Codependents Anonymous now, learning lots about boundaries. Here’s to the future.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I literally just mastered boundaries this year and they are soo important. So happy to hear you are thriving! LOL at “serenity signalling the economy”–I knew a guy who preached socialism who drank McDonalds coke–go figure.


Cringe away! It will bring you to remember that you are innately generous, gave freely and probably without too many assumptuons (which is the spirit of giving) and once a gift is given it is no longer owned by anyone. Then may you release the shameful cringe, and love yourself for opening the heart. As we are now seeing, external circumstances (incl. people and relating with them) do indeed impact, dilute, enhance us later. I reckon we are all here going through a super deep re-calibration of shame and feeling our selves as somehow resilient along with the usual guilt…it’s good guilt if we can enter a weird soul and spirit learning space. Tremble, it’s ok. You have a spine and bones xx


This morning I had an IG follow from an online non-date, from five years ago. He electronically arrived when I was newly unwell… as a time-line, its almost eirily to the day. This guy was constantly zipping around, illusive; canceling any date/times so we would never meet but made promises of how he saw me as such a ‘perfect’ match.

There is currently a magpie tapping at bedroom window. Sulphur came up on a single tarot draw. My Social media Draw bridge has been hauled up.

Truelove doesn’t e-stalk


He’s a fantasist. I refuse to date them these days. Horrid. You are his perfect everything until you actually meet and then it’s never ever as good as he can imagine. Run away.

Calli G

Eh, hair grows back/out. Love zombie international moves are a little harder to recover from.


Oh, so that would explain the achingly detailed and long dream I had this morning of my last love zombie person. Ugh. Still trying to shake it off. As it happens I recently stopped following him on FB and Insta. Must….stay….strong.
2002, moved in with a boyfriend. 2007 got engaged. So that was nice. 2012 my entire life changed. Like everything. It was both / and. Some amazing some horrible. But at the end of day it left me completely traumatized and I’m still clawing my way out of it all; I’ve made great progress but damn it’s been a long 8 years. Hoping this cycle will truly complete everything.


OH MY GOD! Why wasn’t this post out before I DIY’ed a haircut out on my natal return this week out of neediness during the moon in cancer? thanks again, quarentine!


Ahhh, 2012…I remember it well – my own personal slow moving train wreck of Love Zombie-Dom. With a Gemini no less. Only ever had tangles with Gemini’s twice and boy what a mind-farq they both were. Beautiful synergy based on quick, witty banter that really meant more…..NOT. Won’t be strolling down this path again, lessons learnt


With a Gemini. Ouch.


I had tangles with 2 Gemini, as well, years back. Mind-farq is an understatement, but drew me like a moth to a flame.. Both are long gone…good riddance.


I have to work with one who is basically bipolar I reckon. He can flip from one direction to another in an instance and never consider he had the previous direction in mind at all. It simply does my head in.


Hahaha, my life is sprinkled with Gems and I call this the ‘Gemini 180’. If Gemini had a house motto it would be ‘I didn’t say that’.


Lmao. It is true. I’m so cardinal and straight it’s a simple nightmare for me.


Bipolar comes up a lot when people speak of Gemini; or it’s their personalities fighting each other. Either way, it sounds like a diagnosis. Not to fully trash the sign because they are really awesome in their own fabulously genius ways. I can’t deny their brains turn me on.


Oh I have Venus in Gemini. I love brain power and both my parents are Gemini so I’ve had a good innings with them. But 180 pivot is theirs.


Urrgh, a lover one can leave, a colleague lurks while you make your money. I know this situ, including the bipolar or any other disorder, you know it’s a complex of issues. You can cleanse, salt, dion fortune bubble, but their bubbles keep rising, and at work one is not allowed to pin. Esp if one ‘manages’ the difficulty and all their networking on the vulnerable, less aware colleagues. Give a bit of attention, they wrap it up in knots of self-serving bs; cut it off and they arc up, and needle the vulnerable troops. Bastards of the highest and lowest order. Stop trying to work them out…my HR needs to realise that, and i hope they’re too busy, but i know when the HR is less committed to other shizz, the bastard rears up again. Good luck, chica xxxx


Haha good riddance but thanks, life, for the lessons you brought in twinkling form 😉


I also had a major episode of Love Zombie-dom in 2012. I don’t ever want to go back to that way of being. Which makes me realize that–despite the current global sh*tshow and my (sometimes hourly) fluctuations between depression about the status quo/excitement about what lies ahead for the planet–I’ve actually come a long way from that point.

As a Neptunian, I always have to keep an eye on the Love Zombie tendency, but this time I’m going to channel it into Mystic’s point #6.


Hmmmmmm I don’t have my diary available for 2012 or 2007 as they are still stuck in a lorry in the uk. So from what I remember 2007 was the beginnings of one of the most incredible years of my life when I fell into a super Plutonian relationship and was mind blown for about five years. There is a possibility of another big 8th house relationship on the cards but if I’m a judge of anything I doubt it will get to lift off. However you made me laugh with the statement regarding professional waxing. I used to be an underwear set girl as in no mismatch of undies. Since I have lived with the aqua I just don’t give a sh**. He would not notice if I were in chocolate spread and Chanel. As to his grooming I have managed to get him to produce two eyebrows instead of one and get rid of the cheek bone whiskers. Still working on the ear hair. But he has just shaved his head fully as the length of his hair was driving him nuts and he’d always said he wanted to shave his head one day so I encouraged him now was the time. I think he really loves the freedom we have. He looks great. He always looks great. But as I have said for years a serious undercut or shave suits him. Hopefully we will see further grooming in the future and I might get back to doing some.


I love both Venus and Neptune. And it was awesome. I was warned by my astrologer of the time that this was A very Plutonian relationship with a fantasist Pisces and I would have my life utterly destroyed by it. I jumped in. It caused my divorce it lost me around thirty thousand pounds and knocked me senseless until probably about now but it was the most life affirming incredible experiences of my days. Would I do it again, in a heart beat yes. It opened my world, it took my previous skin off and left me raw but able to transform. Glorious if you can accept what was practically death as glorious. Older and wiser now and therefore I may just put a seatbelt on this time but I’m one for rollercoasters. Crap at maths but anything Venus I’m in.


Fq honey, but where is your Gambler? The Jupiter, the Sage? I have chapters in my history that get judged but would i have learned were i to h7nker down in some kind of Aurelian sto8cism and conservative otherperson’s vision or correctness? No, because i met them and actually, they met me 😉😆😎 Just like you, i suspect xoxo


Leaving the numbers which always come up in my typing…it’s Jupiterian, and i don’t care to dilute it for you xx


I quite like your code ! My jupiter sits with my sin (ha that should read sun
But hey I’ll take it) in the 5th. I can’t say no. I’m in it to live it.


Only here. Pythagorean coder. This 8s what makes the site gold.


I have Venus natally in Gemini @ 21 degrees. Something tells me this will be significant!!
As a Taurus sun with Libra moon I always find Venus is significant for me. ❤️


Snap. I have Venus at 16 degrees Gemini and Mercury at 21 degrees Gemini. I am also a Taurus sun with Libra Moon. All this activity will take place in my 7th house. I am anticipatory and watchful.


Is it the house that Venus in Gemini occupies natally? If so that’s the 6th house for me. I also have Mars in Gemini 20 degrees and Saturn in Gemini 5 degrees.


Double snap. Me too ! Venus in Gemini Third house. Flirt for an Olympic team.


Natal Venus in Gem Conjunct Sun & Moon Third House. We’re on the same team emg! 😆


Go Us.



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