Mystic Mercurial Revelations

Mercury Retro in Pisces gives good mercurial revelations. They’re the seemingly whimsical little seeds of information that float in on the breeze. They’re more substantial than their levity suggests. The last three Mercury Retrogrades have been vile problematic. The one last March hooked into the Jupiter-Neptune square. The mid-year Mercury Retro was understudy for the starring Eclipse, interjecting surreal subtones and odd omens. The October/November 2019 Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde …

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Ask Mystic – A Soulmating Dilemma

Dear Mystic, I have a soulmating report dilemma. I’ve been in love with my best friend for almost a year now, and I made the terrible mistake of doing a soulmating report for us (such a fabulous report by the way, such cool details!). We have 14 connections, North Node conjunctions and trines galore. My friend is already partnered though, and since they are unavailable, I started dating someone a …

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Elon Musk And Grimes Have Six Soulmating Links

Elon Musk and Grimes have just six soulmating links – which is about the average amount but they’re cool ones! Grimes’s Sun Opposite Elon Musk’s Pluto This link is like the relationship is set in permanent Pluto Transit mode; fantastic if you’re a Plutonic or Eighth House person, not at all sustainable if you’re not. In some cases, Elon Musk is ‘sent’ to turn Grimes onto their repressed Pluto or …

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Venusian Vortex Theory Turned Reality

Venus Retrograde in 2020 doesn’t mean that Venusian scenarios – relationships, art, aesthetics – go backward. It’s a vortex – not a reversal. Or, more accurately, a series of vortices, the plural of vortex. In Vortex Theory, space is a liquid that flows. Is time the container or another liquid that we try to infuse with the first one? It means that Venus will be in Gemini for 18 weeks, …

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Salvador Dali Ace of Cups

The Truth About 12 House Transits

The truth about 12th House transits is that they’re underrated. They’re high magic, alt-dimensional initiation trips. But astrological literature typically talks of them in terms more evocative of Mordor or the terrifying duplicate home reality of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. Hear the term “self-undoing” enough times and you’ll want to scuttle through your 12th house transit like it’s a shadowy, haunted bus station where all the clocks go backwards. Or walk …

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Eighties model with dinosaur

Every Sun Sign Has A Different Definition Of Loyalty

Trust is paramount and every Sun Sign has a different definition of loyalty. Understanding these variations will help you avoid misunderstandings and enhance relationships. So, what comprises loyalty for each sign of the Zodiac? Aries – Unrelenting and flamboyant awe. Anything less and the Aries could pick up on diminished affections. Failure to praise is hostility. Taurus – Not touching their stuff. And no, that is not a figure of …

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