Karmic Astrology – How To Find Your Soul Pod

When you first think of Karmic Astrology, you think soul-mate and time-crossed relationships. But what about your Soul Pod?  What do I mean by that?  Quite simply, people with whom you share a South Node placement. These are the folk you share a karmic affinity with – regardless of their era or the timbre of the times they lived through.  You could have known them in another lifetime or more …

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When Your Sun Is Conjunct Mercury In Taurus

When your Sun is conjunct Mercury in Taurus and the North Node, with all three trine a Capricorn Moon, you’re earthed. The author Terry Pratchett (Discworld) had this. After reading this below, I was prompted to check his Astral DNA.  Granite and marble, chert and miscellaneous sedimentary deposits. Rocks that once leaped and flowed when the world was born in fire. And do you see the cobbles on the streets? Surely …

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No Ordinary New Moon In Sagittarius

Why is this New Moon In Sagittarius so strange? Blame it on astrophysics, Dark Matter and the recent Mercury Retrograde. There are Mercury Retrogrades that slow things down, and there are Mercury Retrogrades that catalyze progress. This most recent bit of tricky mercurial business has been the latter.  The last three weeks have felt like non-stop fixing things and then having to fix the fix. Or sudden recognition of the …

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House Witchery Home Totem Advice Sought

When choosing a lucky totem for your house, it must be one you’re aligned with. If you’re not feeling drawn toward a particular genre, use astrology! Ok Mystic, community challenge time! The interwebs have been trawled, your House Witchery has been scoured, my unconscious has been plunged (ok, exaggeration – it was more like a 2 min elevator pitch, whatever), and nothing entirely addresses a need I have. And that …

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Full Moon Calendar

Power Moons Are Here

Power Moons is now live & available as a fast turnaround (48 Hours) PDF of your personalized (done off your individual birth chart) most vital lunar vibe. It’s like the Power Moons in the 2018 Year Ahead books but with the New & Full Moons for the year ahead shown as they fall in your birth chart and their time in your current location. And, Power Moons will also tell …

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The Neptune Direct Peacock

Hi Mystic, Just a quick story that I had to share… The horoscopes for us Pisces + Pisces Risings the last weekend of November said to keep an eye out for ‘symbols and omens’ with Neptune turning direct that weekend. On my way to work, I saw a bunch of cars pulled over and people standing around, two of them holding a blanket. My heart froze as I assumed it …

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