Cat in The Hat Surreal

The Surrealist Dr Seuss Had Saturn Onside

Theodor Geisel’s whimsical surrealist genius earned his work longevity and resonance achieved by few. AKA Dr. Seuss, he had Mercury conjunct Saturn. That may seem austere for someone so playful. But you can see it in his enormous output, professionalism and the endurance of his brand. Mercury reflects the person’s intellect, sensibility, and eloquence. It is particularly important for writers and creatives. This is from my Astral DNA birth chart report: …

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Gemini Man cartoon

The Gemini Man: His Reputation Precedes Him

Caprico   The Gemini Man is glib and mercurial, renowned for his flirtation genius. But it didn’t work with this Capricorn casino waitress. Dear Mystic, I am a waitress at a casino in Nevada. One night a customer heard me say something about astrology to someone and pops off with, “I’m a Gemini. What does that mean to you?” Without missing a beat I smiled and said, “It means I …

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Secrets Of The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius Man will often claim that he has no secrets. He is, claims Sagittarius Man, an open book. Possibly one recommended to him by “this amazing New Age chick I met on the beach at Ko Lanta.” In fact, you could argue that the Sagittarius Man deploys a strange form of subterfuge whereby his stunning transparency conceals his hidden-in-plain-sight personality traits. Or rather personality aspirations. To be a Sagittarius …

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