Magical Queen Of Flowers

Ylang Ylang Magical Properties

The Ylang Ylang magical properties are connected to its rulership by Venus  Depending upon whom you ask, the name means Flower Of Flowers, Rare or Wilderness. In trad herb lore, it is a flower of Venus & the essential oil is officially recognized for euphoria-inducing qualities. It is also reputed to help with ailments from motion sickness to high blood pressure. South Pacific islanders used it liberally as an aphrodisiac, sprinkling …

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surreal abstract mountain art

Vocational Voodoo – The Midheaven In Astrology

What does the Midheaven In Astrology mean? The Midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house, aka the Brilliant Career sector. You can see it at the top of any chart with the words MC. It is short for “Medium Coeli” aka “middle of the sky.”  (If you know the time of your birth, you can get one of my Astral DNA Birth Charts for both the placement and my thoughts …

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Heidi Klum dental care

Raising The Qi Of Your Teeth

Astrology and your teeth? Yes, there is a link. Here is something to enhance any Virgoan Moon flossing frenzy/general dental hygiene jag. This Tooth Meridian Chart has its origins in Chinese medicine & says each tooth corresponds to a different organ. Like reflexology. So, say you’re ferociously creating tooth perfection in your bathroom whilst also noticing a slight crack in a tile, planning a mega-exfoliation and calculating diff mobile phone …

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Salt with black background

The Magical Properties Of Salt

The Magical Properties Of Salt. Few realize that salt is a powerful substance in magic and witchcraft. It’s a potent protector and energy clearer. Salt is insanely shielding. Especially sea salt. Nearly every single culture considers it protective.  Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde lore has it that you can put a line of salt across your threshold to keep those would wish you ill out, put in a circle around …

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The Immortality House

The Immortality House Is Bad Feng Shui

The Immortality House is the opposite of good Feng Shui, seemingly almost designed to block the flow of energy and entrap stale vibe. This Wall St Journal article re the architects Mr. Arakawa and Madeline Gins, who – like many – lost their $$$ through Bernie Madoff is so worth a read. The slide show of pix is extraordinary & the vision is utterly Ballardian. “…Of all the dreams that …

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Esoteric art with woman, moon and stars - the celestial language

Secrets Of The Celestial Alphabet

The Celestial Alphabet transfixed ancient astrologers, mages and witches. What is it and how can we harness its power today? In the olden times, the numbers and letters were magical creatures. Each had a mysterious allegiance to stars, deities, animals, plants, winds and various frequencies. Everything was connected. “According to the Hebrew rabbis, the letters of their alphabet are formed from the figures of the stars. They are full of …

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