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Travel Astrology – Which Signs Are Nomadic & Which Not?

In travel astrology, you assess the astrological influences of various destinations. But some Sun Signs would rather a staycation. Are you a restless & nomadic creature? Or deeply devoted to your home-nest-castle reality? Apart from a mega-youthful stage when I’d go anywhere with practically nothing & little care where I slept, I am a shockingly devout homebody. It has to do with being able to exert control over my environment …

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Astraea – The Star Maiden & Virgo

The “maiden” of the Virgo symbol is Astraea the Star Maiden. She is linked to Virgo but also to Libra, as she was the Goddess of Justice.  In Greek mythology, she left the Earth (in disgust at the inequity) and was transformed into the constellation of Virgo. Her name literally means “maiden of the stars.” “…The Age Of Gold was the first age of the world, without hardship or toil …

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Happy Full Moon Revelations

I don’t even drive but i DID and if I had a panel van, this would TOTALLY be the pic on the side. Happy Full Moon for in a few hours. I think it works just fine once the wisdom of it has been processed. It’s sooo insightful…And brill for beauty zoosh-ups too. Plus absolute genius relationship revelations. Note that anywhere that is about 23 degrees of any Mutable sign …

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Bitching It Up With The Full Moon

Lol!  I noted how the Astro-Beauty Nostalgia Post went OFF & so here are some gratuitious Retro-Venus nostalgia hits for you guys. And…the ferocity of this Full Moon has surprised me…I was so primed to let rip at some peeps (the Full Moon involves my Mercury in Aries & Mars is advancing toward my natal Venus which is already being stimulated by Uranus) that i had to turn my phone …

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Star Sign Friendships And Best Mates

Let’s talk about star sign friendships. So, what is the astrodynamic like between you and your Best Mate??? Your Best Mate can be current or previous but you ideally know his/her astro. Is it a classic Saggo Best Mate breezing in and out telling Scorpionic you to chill the f. out?  Staunch Taurus? Is your star sign friendship with an officially compatible sign with you?  If you’re a total astro-fiend, …

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