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Saturnine Infinity

Q: What is the best placement for Saturn? A: In someone else’s chart. Lol & happy Saturn Direct. Note; The house where Saturn lurks in your chart is often the source of some pain in earlier life but becomes buffed up into your shining pride later, post-Saturn Return et al. Anyway, Saturn is stationing Direct & so tangible signs of the new era are all around you, ready or not. …

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Boy Skateboarding down stairs

Sun Signs In Denial

He Says He’s Not Really A  Saggo The other night, at kickboxing class, i was partnered with a Scorpio. When she told me her sign, she said “Oh well I’m a Scorpio but none of that stuff fits me. I don’t have any of the Scorpio traits.”  Then she proceeded to belt the shit out of me to the point that i had to seriously engage just to not be …

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Fashion People Partying Art

Astro Sun Sign Query Du Jour: Parties

Actually, this is more about the Elements; Fire, Air, Earth & Water. My theory is that the Fire Signs charge in shrieking shitloads of darlings and/or doing hale & hearty guffaws, slapping peeps on the back. Then after a bit of bragging, they’ll insist on dancing and have no probs tearing up rugs or furniture if it gets in the way of their moves. Earth Signs care more for the …

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Witch Fashion Goth

Astro-Beauty: How Goth Would You Go?

Were you ever a Goth and/or would you consider adding a Gothic subtone to your look??? I tried to be a Goth (blonde hair dyed jet black, black lace, crinolines etc) and certainly had enough Gothic tastes (gin, Baudelaire, Wuthering Heights, Victoria Holt novels, teen angst, The Cure, intense crushes that nothing could quench except for when they were requited) but looked like a mental patient escapee. These days, whilst …

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Cary Grant in Jail Katherine Hepburn nonchalant, smoking

Katherine Hepburn: Uber Taurus

It is the birthday of Katherine Hepburn. She was a Multiple Conjunct Taurus – Sun, Moon and Mercury – with Scorpio Rising. Venus in Aries and in the 6th House.   Note ornery Taurean stubborness and how Venus-in-Aries is independent trailblazer, shunning marriage to be mistress to Spencer Tracy… Taurus with Scorp Rising is sooo fixed. So sensual. “She was obsessed with flowers. She couldn’t relax unless fresh flowers were …

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Red Fox in the Snow

Pimp My Dream…

I had the best & most amazing dream! It was that I could hear this scuffling in the ceiling & opened a previously unseen trapdoor thing – in some trepidation, expecting something vile to skitter out – and it was this gorgeous red fox with big green eyes & he could talk to me!  I can’t recall the details of the conversation except that this was an exceptionally benevolent & …

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