Virgo woman wheat sheaves

The Virgo Woman In Bed

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Once I got an email asking about the “Virgo woman in bed,” and the first thing that came to my mind was that the sheets would need to be clean. Mind you; I have Mars in Virgo. But Virgoans are [ Read more…]

Stationery Fetish

How Virgo Are You?

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If only one of these pictures arouses you then you are Just Virgo Enough. Two? You’re an Official Virgo & probably already making a list of desirable stationery on one of your several ‘clean’ pads that just happen to be [ Read more…]

Venus in alien landscape

Venusian Weirding Infinity


Venus has been basically gliding back and forth over the same ground since late January & won’t get past the degree of Aries where she went retrograde until May 17, the same day that Saturn goes Direct & right before [ Read more…]

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