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Things To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio

What to do when the Moon is in Scorpio? Why not use it as an excuse to turn totally Plutonic? Here are some suggestions. Be more open to the supernatural – consider a paranormal romance or make decisions based off omens. Concoct an insanely singular scent from hand-crushed narcissus, cypress, and vanilla essence. If you want to go, old-school Scorpio courtesan, add in some of your personal body fragrance. Adopt …

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George Sand portrait

Runaway Baroness, Proto-Feminist And Sun Square Uranus

The novelist George Sand was a classic Uranus woman. Or, as I call strongly Uranus influenced people: A Uranian. She was Sun square Uranus and the rad planet was also Trine her North Node. This is her Astral DNA birth chart report here. She was a cross-dressing, bisexual divorcee and self-supported female creative in an era when that was outrageous. Sand was way ahead of her society’s Zeitgeist. From the …

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Old Fashioned Rose

The Moon Means One Thing:

The Moon means One thing…at least this Moon does – it is in Libra, waxing to be Full (an Eclipse on july 7) and making a mysterious aspect to Venus – the Love Goddess – in Taurus, the sign she rules along with Libra…Flowers for you, flowers for your loved one, flowers for a friend rewarded and random flowers to another who would least expect them bring manifest Venusian Blessings…Venusian …

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Mick Jagger marrying Bianca party

Generation Leo

Lately, due to the loss of certain “generational icons” & this article re the so-called Jones Generation (apparently sandwiched between the Boomers and the Xers) there has been a bit of chat re generations. Astrologically, there is really no such thing as the Jones Generation – one tends to think in terms of Pluto generations & you could break those up into sub-groupings of their Uranus sign. The outer planets …

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Ferris Bueller in the shower

Astro-Gaga: What Sign Is Ferris Bueller?

I was  just reading that the house featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is up for sale & including – obviously – the amazing Ferrari garage overlooking the ravine that featured in the ‘you canned the car’ scene. If you don’t know what I am talking about, apologies but i adored this movie sooo much & weirdly, so do my kids. But sign is Ferris???  I’m thinking total Pisces…

Cancer Characteristics – High And Low

Read a list of Cancer characteristics separated into Good – or Haute – and Bad – or low. They’re damn tricky to understand, but this will help, guaranteed. The High Version Of Cancerian Is: EMPATHETIC: Cancerians ooze simpatico emotion in the same way other people sweat. They can relate to anyone: the celebrity going through a nasty divorce, the addict who stole their iPhone. Just confiding to one of these …

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