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Venus is in Aquarius so get set to space out. Detached & totally not too clingy is the Zeitgeist and just watch some of those Capricornian relationship ideals get warped by the shift in Venusian paradigm. Out:  Convention. In: New [ Read more…]

surreal modern architecture

Piscean Architecture

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This is a Brain Institute (seriously) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health was designed by a Pisces, the eminent Frank Gehry… What do we think? Do all Pisceans visualise constructions thus? Is this fuqed Feng [ Read more…]

lady in waiting to Jane Seymour

A Virgo Of Yore

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Even though this pic dates from the 1530s, she looks like a Virgo does she not? If you click through to the Wiki, you see that art historians think she might have been a Mary Zouch (maid of honour to [ Read more…]

Man Ray surreal picture women bangles

Nancy Cunard – Ultra-Fish?

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Nancy Cunard, Jazz Age heiress, poet & activist – So PISCEAN  does not this description remind you of Pisces? “…Cunard had a reputation for being especially chilly; men complained that she was a calculating lover, incapable of proper sentimentality. But [ Read more…]

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