Lunar Zen Noire

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Andrea Offermann   Should I, seriously, have to deal with emails from Leos demanding a post about how “hot” they are in bed (it’s the mirrors, superior focus on grooming and regal attitude apparently – as any actor or athlete [ Read more…]

I'm really enjoying travelling and sleeping with good looking people

She’s Wearing It

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Her Aries – her Saggo Rising – the Moon in Scorpio: I’m totally seeing it all right here, right now. This is, in its own way, a blazingly feminist statement, for her younger female fan base. That’s if you compare [ Read more…]

Capricorn Of Ages

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Capricorns give genius, awesome advice. Not saying that other signs of the Zodiac don’t also offer insights, useful opinions and support but DO admit that Caps are amazing in this regard. It tends to be timely, tactful, appropriate to the [ Read more…]