Planetary Transits That Bring Trouble And Love

There are planetary transits that bring trouble & love. You get both at the same time. Such transits are a vortex of chaos, double dealings, hormones, and bad publicity. Several doors slam in your face, but one opens, and that’s the one you wanted to walk through anyway. You just didn’t know it until Pluto squared your Venus. Or Uranus opposed your Moon. Yes, that’s right. These astro-trips tend to …

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The Future Cancerian Mp3 Update

Hello Eclipse Shadow Trippers! Offering the Future Cancerian to only my Cancerian members was clearly a mistake. I’ve got a deluge of emails from Cancer Rising, Progressed Sun, Moon and so on people, who feel deprived. Or who are furious and citing astrological discrimination. As a result, here is a new policy. I am sending out the Mp3 to all Mega Mystic members on Saturday. That way, you’ll have it …

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Phoenix with Moon for Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Renewal

Astrological genius manifests in timing and self-knowing. It doesn’t stop consequences dead in their tracks or magic up a million dollars on demand. But to aid your powers, focus, and effort, it is amazing. Brilliant news! Check out possibly the best deal I have ever offered – three products in one for $12. As you may know, Eclipse Season is upon us. It is a particularly intense one, courtesy of …

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What Do Retrogrades In Astrology Mean?

What do Retrogrades in Astrology mean? Retrogrades can sound scary. Like something is wrong in the galaxy. Or that you were born under a defective planet. I get many emails from people lamenting that they were born with Mercury Retrograde. But it is not a problem. Many a fabulous writer was born with Mercury Retrograde.  You can check out the upcoming Retrogrades in the Moon Calendar btw. Retrograde phases are immensely …

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The Real Cancer Personality Traits

Let’s talk about the real Cancer personality traits. There are so many myths these Creatures of the Moon. Some anti-Crab-people rhetoric out there flows from the olden days. At various times in history and even in the present day, people have viewed the Moon with suspicion, deeming Luna a lesser light compared to the Sun. In the Burning Times, for example, being out under a Full Moon was for witches …

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