book about tree language and magic for Uranus in Taurus

The Secret Intelligence Of Trees

The Secret Intelligence of Trees may not be so concealed after we are done with Uranus in Taurus next decade. Shortly after Uranus got into Taurus, I had a strange vision during acupuncture. I was not asleep, but I was elsewhere, in an ancient feeling forest with vast trees. I felt their presence and gravity. Trees are magic, old magic, a deep earth spell. This epic email made me remember …

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Strange Angel still image to illustrate Marjorie Cameron astrology

The Marjorie Cameron Astrology & Strange Angel

Somehow I missed the release of the television series Strange Angel, about the fascinating lives of Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. They wrote Songs For The Witch Woman together. I posted about them a while back in The Rocket Scientist and the Witch.  Read that post for more on their extremophile existence and synastry. But looking to find more about this latest incarnation of their fiercely Uranian lives I found a …

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Original Vampirella in black one piece swim suit at beach with umbrella. Fifties Goth girl pin-up.

What Is A Lower Neptunian?

I am re-posting this from a few years ago because it’s super-relevant now, with Jupiter square Neptune. These people are everywhere. What is a Lower Neptunian? They’re people with a strong 12th House, Neptune or Piscean influence who are misusing their magical charm and intuition. They’re grifters, Chaos Addicts, Future Fakers, Grifters, and Energy Vampires. And they are fantasy agents, dealing in desires and phantom fulfilments; buy dreams now – …

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Djavan Mandoula on bridge holding ghetto blaster

Leo Personality Truths

  To counter anti-Leo propaganda, it’s time for Leo Personality Truths. From an early age, Leos hear a voice in their head saying something along the lines of “who the hell do you think you are?” Sure, it could be their father. Many Leos have fathers who serve more like stumbling blocks and karmic obstructionists than anything else. But it’s also their inner voice, zapping them into champion mode. The …

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Black clad figures in monochrome tiled background

Job Interviews During Mercury Retrograde?

Going for job interviews during Mercury Retrograde can have surprising benefits. And, as in this case below, sometimes it is unavoidable. Here’s a Hello from the center of the universe, a.k.a. New York!  I recently started a new fancy role but quickly realized that I was surrounded by real QI Vampires and began plotting the perfect escape. I tried to get all of the job hunt stuff done BEFORE Mercury …

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surreal fashion shoot with Adriana Lima in pink costume holding a pool net

A Classic Mercury Retrograde Interaction

Mercury Retrograde July 2019 is outdone by Saturn, Pluto, and the Eclipses. So it’s resorted to high-fructose theatrical surrealism. This exchange between me and a Mega Mystic member is an example of it. We both have Mercury in Aries. From: Nancy The Aries To: Mystic Medusa Subject: Re: Daily Mystic For Monday I just learned today how to wire-tap stones….this is exciting!!  From: Mystic Medusa  To: Nancy The Aries  Subject: What? …

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