The Neptune Direct Peacock

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Hi Mystic, Just a quick story that I had to share… The horoscopes for us Pisces + Pisces Risings the last weekend of November said to keep an eye out for ‘symbols and omens’ with Neptune turning direct that weekend. [ Read more…]

How To Be A Love Zombie

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How To Be A Love Zombie? The question puzzled me at first. Surely becoming a Love Zombie is an organic process. Specific astrological configs at birth make you more inclined toward it, and popular culture plays its part but still, [ Read more…]

Are You As Super-Uranian As Freddie Mercury?

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Are you as Super-Uranian as the proto-radical, super-Zeitgeist compliant performer Freddie Mercury?  It’s unlikely. As these extracts from his Astral DNA (my new fast turnaround birth chart reading) attest, Mr. Mercury was fabulously Uranian. Mars trine Uranus Mars-Trine-Uranus people find it particularly [ Read more…]

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