The Electric Shaman

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This was from @minervaspiral in response to an Instagram post about Aquarian life tips. I love it so much that I am sharing here. The second paragraph is in response to me saying basically “wow, I get it.” “Well I [ Read more…]

Notes From A Retro-Venusian Recluse

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Hi Mystic, Just coming at you live from Retro Venusian ground central here on the West Coast of the US.  I have so enjoyed your posts, esp the one “pick your Venus retro stance.”  Apt as ever and always on time.  As a [ Read more…]

Nine Rules For Thriving Through Pluto Transits

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Pluto Transits are real – sometimes too real. Your soul gets woke but you don’t have the leisure to contemplate this development. How come? Because one way or another, you’re locked into an evolutionary, existential Nietzschean power struggle scenario. Turns [ Read more…]

Checking In With…Aquarians


Aquarians, how are you?  Mars is nearing the end of a hilariously extended stay in your sign.  Aside from a couple of weeks when the Red Planet obligingly backed into Capricorn, it has been in Aquarius for the most time [ Read more…]

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