When All The Elements Are Accentuated

Just as people generally become more supernatural with age, they resort to their baseline elemental personae during times of transition A.K.A. 2020. Being bothered enough to try and embody or honor all the elements is a luxury. I have a theory that the sector of the house (North, East, West, South) where you tend to leave things for later corresponds to the element (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) that you are …

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A Homage to Mars In ‘Detriment’

The real meaning of Mars in so-called detriment is that it’s not actually a thing. The same goes for Mars in ‘fall.’ How many of you have, as avid potential astro-fiends or seekers of self-mastery, felt dejected upon finding out your Mars was apparently defective? The concept comes from an ancient system known as planetary exaltation. Namely, that the Sun, Moon, and planets each had a sign of the Zodiac …

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The Revival Of Magic & Other Announcements

Hyper-fluctuating focus? Circadian rhythms that you think might be for another galaxy? Mercury at the end of the zodiac is weird at any time but with everything else going on and after weeks of Retrograde surrealism, it’s the final irony. As I write, we’re 20 hours off Mercury at Zero Aries A.K.A. actionable genius. Prepare to coalesce your most cogent realizations from the last nine weeks into your new algorithm. …

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Science fiction Venus

Your New Paradigm Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini 2020 was always going to be weird. Four times longer than the usual passage of Venus through a sign, it includes Venus Retrograde for much of May and June. For those of you nostalgic for your Love Zombie highs, it includes Venus square Neptune for three weeks. And Mutable Sign Retrogrades have a zanier edge to them than the others. But even with all that, it was …

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