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The Aquarius Moon Algorithm

The Aquarius Moon algorithm is incomprehensible, but god, it works well. In an age like this, with little Air element, it can feel transcendental. Of course, when we have Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini next decade, we’ll be looking at the Earth sign moons for lunar sanctuary. But with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all in Earth signs. There is also a stellium in Virgo. The Moon in …

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What Is Your Astral Signature?

You can’t forge your astral signature, and why would you even try? It is your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, seen as a whole. Of course, there are many other factors in a natal birth chart.  But the astral signature alone gives a galaxy of insight. See the Sun as the self you’re trying to actualize; you feel a broad affinity toward people with the same Sun Sign. You are …

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The Next 19 Weeks Are Speed-Evolution

In the mood for something succinct? I can write the astrology forecast for the next 19 weeks in one sentence. Everyone is confronting one particular challenge that seems practical (health, money, relationship) but which has deep roots. And, if you think about it, the dynamic underlying the situation is core to your character, psyche, and destiny. Whatever it is cannot be dealt with your previous methods or consciousness. It’s the …

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Asteroid Birth Chart

Asteroid Galactica Is Here

Asteroid Galactica is here! Or rather, it’s back! It launched 19 hours ago but I took it offline as there was a design glitch which only became apparent once it was live. What is it? It’s my take on 24 funky asteroids – excluding the witchy ones as they’re included in an upcoming Astrology Report. Asteroids pack the most pow when they’re conjunct the natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, North …

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The Mars In Virgo 2019 Mothership

If you’re reading your Horoscopes, you’ll know that Mars in Virgo 2019 (until early October) is a huge deal. While the Action Planet visits Virgo every two years, it’s rarely pumped up by so much Earth element, let alone power players Saturn and Pluto. Everyone feels the buzz of it. Potential expressions include productivity gains, hyper-analytical genius, conscious eating, diagnostic accuracy, compulsive cleaning, and details frenzy. It’s epic for writing …

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Saturn, Time And Karma

Saturn, Time, and Karma are all linked. The catch is that nobody knows how exactly. Saturn has traditionally been the so-called Lord of Karma and the Time God. He is also known as Chronos, lending his name to concepts like “chronological” and “crone.” Having him parked on the South Node since late April has really bought out the “karmic” elements of this ancient deity. I say it in quote marks …

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