Weekly Scopes R Up

The Weekly Horoscopes from July 16 are live and, as you will see, the response to my poll re the images was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the zodiac sign “examples.”

I also realize that quite a few MM members did not realize you could click the images to get more info if desired.

As I’ve never liked the standard lists of “people with X sun sign,” I aim to feature not only inspirational people but the interviews or material on them that zing up your morale.

And, the Daily Mystic update that is about to be sent out/posted is an extremely useful, if I do say so myself, fresh take on the imminent Full Moon.

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Thanks MM! I love the images. If your reading these comments, could we pretty please have a what da astro fuq update given the fixed sign hard aspect fuqery is about to ramp ….. 🙏🙏🙏


I didn’t know they were clickable either, and I’ve been coming here since ’15. Last week’s Aqua was NUTS as the writer has won a pulitzer for doing something VERY similar to what I’m doing for my PhD! Like, so similar I am going to have to go see it and cite it in my biblio lest I get dinged for not including something so similar.

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Thx for your continuous ingenious design changes to this site Mystic! We all appreciate your Piscean foresight ✨
This Buck full moon is super intense for me, I’m having to really strip back the physical psychosomatic conditions creeping in and recognize the larger elemental processes literally screaming at me for attention and balance lol. I’m spiritually cleansing my house and bath today, to sink into later tonight very in line with the full moon in my 4th house. Can’t wait to re-emerge and tackle the world tomorrow so fresh & so clean 🧼
Happy full moon everyone 🌕

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Agree – ingenious and brilliantly refreshing.

Exact my Moon. Yes, intense leading up to and after but the moments in the freezing air dawn communing directly with her were serene and quietly energizing. May as well have been trying to catch the breeze with my bare hands though. Fleeting.


Oooo you must’ve been very moved! I had a lovely trine to mine.
And I agree with the serenity and the beautiful energy directly after the full moon, I had some incredible Uranian type of inventions streaming through that refused to let me sleep!
This morning = no genius energy is evident lol 🫠


Your sleep sounds better than mine. Had difficulty sleeping last night. It was light with bizarre dreams that faded quickly. Grand trine Asc which has Uranus and NN flanking both sides and Uranus trine Uranus. I don’t think I have the language to describe the energetic sensations yet let alone put them to good use.

Now you need to get to work manifesting those inventions! Is a grand gift to get those sort of downloads 🌟


Oh I wouldn’t say I had a great sleep lol, I completely understand the bizarre visuals that crop up in that in-between space of deep sleep and still being conscious. And translating those visuals to another human is basically impossible lol 😂 Your grand trine with so much Uranian energy must’ve been so very profound, however translating those energies is all part of our whole journey, right? It’s your soul language ✨ And yes I will, all these ideas are all part of a grand plan of mine to step into my life’s purpose…. which is about to take off… Read more »


Fabulous! Keep us posted.

Meantime I’m scanning my terrain for reasons why the many excellent aspects I have going on aren’t mobilising into desired outcomes. It’s a challenge to my faith an optimism and maybe that’s the point.

Spot on re soul language and journey.


Hhhmm I’ve noticed that whenever Uranus is involved the situation can quickly become wildly unpredictable, causing instability in our thoughts even though there are incredible insights coming through. That’s its energy.  I’ve had similar Uranian pains this week myself that completely scattered my focus and the only thing that has helped is grounding, the feet in the dirt kind. I’ve been reading more on how outer planet transits affect our body and Uranus takes you out of your body and traps you in your head. Which for me is a fun but dangerous place to stay too long lol.  My… Read more »


Love this. I reckon that’s got some truth to it. I know natal Uranus Pluto operate quite strongly from a house perspective. Have been doing some literal grounding but winter is not my vibe for outdoor so have some warmer alternatives 🌟


Yes pls don’t freeze toes off in the process lol 🥶

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love the image links too


So glad the photos & info are staying, i find them inspirational & a real uplift
this full moon is sextile my sun exact, so a supportive influence i am guessing 🌑


Just wanted to say it was the the images, artwork, left of centre references to anything and everything including pop culture, history, science, refrigerators (😉) and links to a world of possible rabbit holes that was the key factor in getting me over the line to subscribe. To a former magazine addict and library lover and like others with a diverse scope of interests, it scratches the itch. I so very rarely subscribe, or even comment to anything at all really and prefer lurking in the background reading others comments and committing to nothing. Yet here I am blathering away,… Read more »



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Having access here is sometimes all we need….


Great post subrosa, you should post more often 😉
I am also a former magazine addict and a library lover, and find here what I used to love in magazines and libraries


and yes.
Hard agree on all fronts.
I don’t come here for the astrology.
Its only a part of why I subscribe.

Original Scorpsta

Wildly off-topic but wowsers! Just read my weekly horoscope… Aqua Rising here – just realised I adopted a retired racehorse during Neptune transit of second house. So yeah MONEY PIT. Appropriately, his race name was Ocean Essence. Sidenote – he is a Leo, the most beautiful peacock, moods as changeable as the ocean tides, hates being touched (admire from a distance only) but highly motivated by carrots and being told how clever and beautiful he is… Highly recommend Mystics Cosmic Compatability report for pet owners out there – ridiculously accurate.

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Wish Upon a Star

God bless your cotton socks.


Who loves ya baby for adopting a horse?This horse of course.
The History of the Horse is amazing reading.
Every woman’s dream, riding bare back on the sand, bit and reins only, joined
by each and every movement.


The full moon is square my natal Uranus and realized it’s on my progressed moon which is square my progressed ascendant. That’s all. Just the facts. Can’t type a thing as it’s all so fast. Meanwhile. Birds chirp. It rains. Body bodies. Air moves but does it? Etc. Good luck yall.


Full moon and i went thro’ a stop sign (AFTER i stopped) in the back streets and t-boned an Audi. Wrote my car off. Found out the antibiotic i was on can cause confusion, visual disturbances. O great! Lovely understanding woman in Audi only received some dents & scratched on her car, whereas mine was towed to sleep forever. Am now officially ELDERLY and have to philosophically deal with it. Was on way to have my nails done and my technician had her spare car for sale, drove me home and will probably collect it on weekend. Police said ‘medical… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Oh no Pegusus. Are you ok?


Hi, shock and overwhelmed plus in iso from undiagnosed virus and on oxygen. Daisy Dog getting over Canine Rhino Virus also in iso and we cuddling and sympathising with each other, so glad she was not in car for once. Am in awe of the assistance received by woman driver police, fire, towing, insurance, my medico plus personal and cyber friends, so am a ‘little weepy,’ as my Mother used to say when tired from overwork but feeling quite grateful. When strength regained shall be up for the challenges how rearrange day to day independent living by accepting available assistance… Read more »


Aaw Pegs, that’s a shock for sure! So glad you have Daisy dog to cuddle with. Big Hugs from me always. I just realised that You remind me of my beautiful Blonde stepmum, Sagg moon very independent all her life, always beautifully groomed- never had a had a spot on her shirt (unlike me) and a traveller, explorer and very very good at her job. An interesting, independent thinker she was. I think she would have found it difficult to come to terms with the lessening of her amazing life force as she came to 80, but never showed it.… Read more »


Dear Ronnie, Mother always said ‘wear good lingerie in case you are in an accident and have to go hospital’. A fact of life is that if you are well dressed and presented people treat you differently and no matter how bad this COPD becomes, am always with the marquilage and my co-ord outfits in creams, ivory and ecru and of course well shod…lol. Might be liable for 2 new Audi doors but that may be waved due to ‘medical episode’ apparently short of breath can cause confusion and the antibiotics side effects cause visual disturbances. Trust you are doing… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

It sounds like lucky Jupiter was looking out for you. You are lucky you didn’t sustain serious injuries? The silver lining is: brought attention to the virus and that is being seen too. Of course the woman was helpful. You are a nice person. And classy and cosmopolitan: you hit an Audi. LOL ! Is your dog actually with you or do you mean in spirit you are cuddling? I wish you could take some rescue remedy or emergency essence for the shock. Take it easy Pegusus. One step at a time Hey? Don’t feel obligated to reply to everyone.… Read more »


Backatcha StarShine, Daisy Dog never more than a meter away from me physically, joined at hip.
#womewhorunwiththepitbulls 🙂

Yeah not 20 year old Holden but a beautiful late model white Audi, her husband’s car and me totally in the wrong…eeergh.
But as she said – all can be replaced but we can’t and that no one was physically hurt.
On the phone on her daughter she seems quite excited that she had been T-Boned, like it was an achievement reserved for youth.
LUVU2. x

Wish Upon a Star

Exactly: all can be replaced but we can’t.

How are you going Pegusus?


So sorry to hear Pegasus!
What a shock this must have been for you. And physical limitations, OK, that takes adapting. But as a Sag you will always be curious about life, young at heart! As a fellow Sag I am sending you good energy from the other side of the world! Tomorrow will be better 🌟


Cali, merci beaucoup from across the waves. My faith in the kindness of people restored by this Pluto-Saturn event.
Tomorrow ie today am 30% improved, so it IS better musta caught that vibe you sent 🙂


Ah, good to hear you are a bit better already. Take care dear Pegasus!
Be sure to let us know how it goes 🌞


Such an awful feeling. Time warps and the body holds a frozen moment that can reverb like barely perceptible deep ocean aftershocks that can become integrated in normal functioning but not forgotten. If you’re holding any trauma something like Bowen can help the bod complete reactions and support sns but I’m aware you’re probably all over things of this ilk.

Yes, things can be repaired or replaced but is also normal to feel bummed about their untimely end.

You have lunar Cap too right?

Glad you’re ok Pegs.

Ps – it’s officially an ELDER 😘


Pegs I’m happy to hear you’re okay, all scenarios considered!
Life is a series of opening and closing doors, some which are opened by us and others are slammed shut in our face lol.
Your forever eternal Sagg spirit will create an even better next chapter!
This moon had some incredible powers however, I’ve been walking or floating around in a very Neptunian fog for days. I’m only attempting to drive today, because my head has definitely not been on earth.

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