The Weekly Horoscopes From August 14 Are Live

The Weekly Horoscopes are posted and well, it’s heaps better astro than some of the weeks I could name lol.

The images are extra-apt this week, IMO, and yes, most of them are clickable and go someplace interesting.

Also, who else is having off-the-planet dreams? I dreamed that Jeffrey Epstein materialized in my backyard and said that he didn’t want his disincarnate status to intervene with his testimony and could he tell me. So he did. If anyone wants to know, I’ll put it in the comments.

And this was before the Prince Andrew lawsuit btw.

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It’s uber detailed and reads a little like a transcript lol. I get dreams like that at times myself and love the detail but often not the lengthy sleep disrupt to record them. And sometimes they can be tricky to distil.

Contained (or isolated) earth surrounded by water and fire beaming down. Air is the discourse.

My thoughts on dreams always lean toward the dreamer more than the content although it has it’s place of course. It’s the vehicle for the message. I’d look at your transits at the time of the dream but also explore the vibe you had during the dream. If it doesn’t feel like a direct download from a dead guy eg if you’re not the ambushed messenger he’s trying to peddle the unpleasant job of trying to pitch another angle or garner sympathy what’s the dream trying to tell you?

In that case I’d probably explore themes unrelated to the protagonist because by default he does evoke strong sentiment (that could be a key theme) … eg justice v injustice, unrequited love, deep secrets, dark obsessions, manipulation, sex themes, power/force and so on – just riffing. Or is there someone in your sphere who is highly controversial / behaving badly / dodging responsibility etc that the dream might be trying to get your attention by using a strong character?

Idk that living JE would have liked his day in court so much. Public sentiment is already fixed and I doubt that he would have been able to present any sort of argument (least of all this) that would negate or justify his behaviour.

So… back to pondering the broader theme/s…


I can hardly express my thoughts about your dream – it is so real! The background, his fatal night, Ghislaine…it is so feasible it sounds like truth! I felt in a kind of knowing that he didn’t go of his own accord (also because, from the few years of psych studies I did, I learned narcissists rarely, if ever, commit suicide – which is why they are screened for reality tv). But your dream…where did you go? Please write the Netflix series!

Wish Upon a Star

Just woke up from an afternoon nap.
I was living in a half way house for women. There was one woman there. She was scandalous and very Aquarian. She didn’t give a fuq. Everyone was lecturing her. She just gave them the finger and flew away like a witch. She was wearing an orange dress with Red polka dots. 1950s style.
Then I got sleepy, then started floating, the more relaxed I felt the higher I floated. I was like a reclining Buddha flying. It was nighttime, the women chased after me . I flew away and got away from them. I flew over land and sea.


I am dreaming like a crazy woman at the moment (more than I usually do which is saying something). Last night it was a tree with an amazing trunk that was so wide I could hardly take it in. Gnarly and curving over the top of the path I was on like an arch but MASSIVE. The feeling was awe, pure and simple. The person showing it to me was me. That’s the second time in a week I was showing myself something. Maybe Jeffery Epstein was a part of you Mystic, showing you something from your long ago past?


It reminds me of Lolita… The way the protagonist explained his obsession with young nymphets as born of his doomed childhood love for tragic Annabel, on the French Riviera… 🐚


So, still a narcissist. It makes sense that he would come to you. The greater the feeding ground. I am glad you put this up. I gather he is not going to any rehabilitation realm soon. So he was “helped along.”


Thought I had better clarify “greater feeding ground”. I mean the amount of attention he can garner through the blog. When I think of my early training that death makes saints of us all, it is enough to tear your hair out.


Once again, thank you for putting this up. Greatly appreciated.


Unrelated comment, Mystic..(Or maybe not in Venus-Pluto config times). Do you think The Oracle feeds or triggers LZing? How much can I trust it?


Trust your heart Cappie. x


Mystic, the image for this post AND your affirmation on the most psychically warping dreams is spot on. I have been having nonstop dreams about accessing a portal to a secret pyramid in the bottom of the London Museum and having to perform a special ritual when the stars align to turn off a switch that seals away all Evil that was unleashed. Each night I flip the “light beam” switch on just in time, and the dream ends with a beam of light bursting from the top of the pyramid. The synchronicty in this post is astonishing. thank you.


What have you been reading? The Emerald Tablets. The Mummy. The Secret Reason for the Pyramids. I have dream envy 🙂


Oh damn. Patience isn’t really one of mine. Think more spaniel at the back door first thing in the morning. Come on come on come on come on ! Spill spill the beans spill come on.


Please do tell Mystic!!


Must know!


The astro’s turning AIRY just as i have have an oxygen concentrator delivered. Pure fresh air via my nose whenever i want. How i have missed it the last 6 years, so ironic to be a breathworker who lost her breath….musta given it al This is bliss, can exercise again, walk more than 500 metres, go out for more than 2 hours sans the anxiety of leaving comfort zone plus small portable tanks in a shoulder bag that gives 7 hours away from base.This a game changer just as i have been giving everything away & writing my will. It is said this can given me another 10 years of life of real life meaning a thrive not just a survive.
Neptune married to Moon at mid heaven gives me dreams upon dreams, my night movies, mostly featuring beaches, sea side resorts water beautiful, surreal landscapes & past over friends & rellies.


Oh the joy of freedom to roam. Take it and enjoy it. Years of it.


Awww…I gifted a room-version to my pre-asthamatic mom. She hardly uses it! Will show her your post! Enjoy your own thoughtfulness. We give ourselves the best gifts. ❤❤❤


It takes away pressure from the heart which has to work harder with breathing issues, so ask her to use it just an hour a day even lying down deep breathing will increase her energy output. My breathing has improved 50% just from a few hours a day not the 16 that the script says.It’s totally amazing Cappy.


yes please! and yep – dreams off the scale.


Yes please, I want to know!


Waiting patiently…


I want to know what he said SO badly. New weeklies are gorg!


Meeeeee *puts both hands up in the air lol I dreamed I was on vacation in what felt like Egypt, wondering through sand dunes with some unknown Arabian Prince type man, then I cut off my middle finger on my left hand and only brought it to my mothers attention days later when I was making a salad and I realized it was missing while watching an audition for a video for Drake LOL 😂
Hello Mercury in my 12th!

Feathered Fish

Yeah I wanna know!


Dreaming? Oh goodness yes. I was B Obama’s personal assistant and he had a “turn” but before he went to hospital I had to phone Michelle and find his missing wallet. As it contained personal documents it became a urgent ninja operation. I was punching spies in the face and a huge scuffle broke out but Trumps navy seals were coming so we all scattered,I had the wallet. Last night I was showing my work mate fascia under skin that was full of electric blue light pulses in the nerves.
I am teaching my Year Ten darlings about Surrealism and Dali (Carrington, Varo, Shaun Tan and Chiara Bautista) and dreams/fantasy so we have all been comparing our dreams every day. I think mine are the weirdest by a long shot.

Wish Upon a Star

Hi Mystic,

Can you please treat yourself to something special tomorrow? That dream needs to compensated with something soul nourishing, grounding and sweet.

❤️Love from 🌟


Seconded. I broke my nose two weeks ago in a silly accident and this week (week 2) has been all about the dense, rich sweets. They counter act shock and displacement. Sweets are pulling my feet firmly back to the earth after that jolt of face planting on a sidewalk. We all hear ‘oh sugar is so bad for you!’ Very few people talk about what a tool it can be when applied properly. It is a sure fire way to seat you firmly in your body.


Oooo yes. Sugar does that to me. It grounds me. I don’t like the stuff on a medical model sort of way but sometimes nothing else does !! I find it calming and soothing. I really wish I didn’t.

Wish Upon a Star

I don’t mean sweet as in sugar I mean lovely.

Crystallised future

Sweet, sugar, lovely – all has the same effect anyway doesn’t it? A pleasure hit.


Sweet and lovely wish. Yes yes but in response to Marcella who like me uses sugar to ground. I wish it was loathsome to me but hey ho.


Funny 🙂 I use sweet as a description but i do agree to the ultra sooth one can get from giant size Allens Red Frogs x 3.

Wish Upon a Star

Hey girls. Yes we are hard wired to love sugar, salt and fat. In the stone age days we weren’t sure when our next meal was coming so best to have a layer of fat to feed off. And no social media.

Oh how times have changed!

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