Some Cool Site Announcements


If you’re utterly over the interminable Saturn-Uranus square or the messy wind-down of Pluto in Capricorn/late capitalism/globalism, you can out-weird the weirdness and magic is real.

Mars in Sagittarius from early next week accelerates the pace and helps to unstick things. Plus, you’re probably already aware of the potential for liberation that infuses even the most arduous times. Pluto in Aquarius is just 66 weeks away! The meta-theme of the last Pluto in Aquarius was the French Revolution F.Y.I.

This post is, however, to say that the previous ‘logo’  – the beautiful Olaf Hajek painting – is still a thing. I’m going to incorporate it into a few things on the site, so it has not gone, as such. But because it was done as a painting, not a digital logo, it was not fully successful as a logo. It was becoming particularly cumbersome on new generation mobile phones.

So the new logo – which is actually a reprisal of the original logo from the initial site in 1999 – is for speed, as is the gradient – as opposed to image – background. I hope you like it!

Also, I am revamping the Daily Personal Horoscopes – they will look cooler, and the Moon Houses are now in there, with the exact time that the Moon enters your whatever house. I think you’ll find that extra layer of data and the interps really useful.

The Daily Personal Scopes are about 24 hours off being fully ready, so if you see anything odd on there, it will be fixed by Saturday night Universal Time.

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I love how the site never stops morphing and evolving. 💜


I am so thankful for that power moons report. It’s never felt more bang on than this full moon that’s brewing. I’m feeling the Saturn Uranus square doing its thing and the last days of Pluto in Capricorn cavorting away. Frayed nerves all around and my fuse is hella short. I have zero patience and my zen is at 5% battery power. But it’s good to have the weather forecast:)


Mystic you are doing a sterling job. The site is Looks great (and it’s functional). All power to you.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

this is super cool!

Love Merkuri

Ohhh looking forward to the Moon Houses! Keep up the great work ❤️

Wish Upon a Star

I don’t know what was happening yesterday astrologically, but I was as flat as a tack.

But today I feel like I have done a full 360 degree turnaround.

I feel great.


The Personal Daily horoscopes upgrade with our Moon in house data is fire and freakishly accurate!! The extra information is very appreciated Mystic. You’ve out done yourself AGAIN xx

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Mystic.

It is ok now 🙂


A big huge thank you for all you give to the members, all the upgrades, all the TIME given to please us, such value for money it is a delight to support.
Much love x


Visually I love the pared down design elements=simplicity! & all the bold colors, it feels clean & light. Thank you for all the effort & love you consistently put into everything here!


The current logo is pared down and elegant! 💫


Almost forgot – a million blessings onto this site, and to whomever happens upon it. 💖🪄


Et pour toi aussi Star of the Earth. x


Merci beaucoup mon cherie XOO XOO


Logo is powerful, just like this site, MM. Thank you for the astrology, archeology, history, real magic, real synchronicity and for the self-evolution space. 💗

Wish Upon a Star

Yes real art is not built for speed.

A reflection on how this new techno age does not make room for deep thinking. It takes time and space.

Anyhow I like the new logo. It is bold and powerful.

Wish Upon a Star

MYSTIC my name is being displayed after wish upon a star. I sent you an email. Please read it.

Penelope Darling

Nice to hear that the lush Hajek painting is not gone for good!


Yesssss! I’m v happy abt this too


Looking forward to the revolution! That reward to patience is infinitely preferable to St Augustine’s promised outcome.


I admire your ambition!! I’ve been reading here for well over 10 years now (I want to say since around ’08?) and you’re always making improvements to both the design and the functionality AND the features on top of cranking out all the writing. I really love the color scheme going on these days and don’t know how you constantly find * the* coolest images. The daily personal scopes feature is so awesome, I was a more disconnected from the site in the last few years because of my level of business and change but the daily personal scopes totally… Read more »

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