Pluto Flu & The Sun Going Proton Flux…Plus Theranos

Wondering what’s been happening the last 24 hours or so? Well, it’s been a geomagnetic storm – solar proton flux – with Mars opposite Neptune for extra oomph. And Earth is still close to Jupiter so everything is weighty.  Not only that, everything is extra. You cannot even sigh without knocking over a pillar or something.

Add the Cancerian Moon and voila – an electrified tsunami of emotional release. I have actually been ill – that is why there was no horoscope or Daily Mystic for Wednesday, sorry, but it came on ridiculously quickly and I only feel human again now.

I don’t know what it was but I’m calling it Pluto Flu – it’s square my Moon, ruler of my 6th – and it came on after a weird nightmare about Elizabeth Holmes, the notorious Theranos founder. She was selling “organic belladonna lawns” and it became a craze but something about the lawns was weird.

Clearly, this court case will be the penultimate Saturn-Uranus square craziness, divisive, lurid, and lyrical with high-styled statements about society. And I did not realize until recently that her father was Vice President of Enron. Yes, that Enron: being busted for large scale larceny, fraud, insurance fuqery, whatever in 2001 proved they were corporate predators way before it was big, early adopters clearly.

Imagine growing up in that milieu? As a child Aquarian, her demeanor like a composed lightning storm, did Elizabeth Holmes watch all that play out and think this is how the world works?  Oh and currently Saturn is on her Sun, with Uranus squaring it and opposing her natal Saturn in Scorp. She IS the Saturn-Uranus square.

An aside: I just had a flashback to a Virgo guy I knew enthusing about her “she’s hot and she’s visionary.” We were at peak Theranos then but I could see her captivating a certain kind of person with an eloquent, big blue goo-goo-eyed “I wanted to believe” testimony.

Finally, for now, there is an issue with the astrology reports – it is simply that I moved to a stronger, faster server – and a directory got tangled. That fix is imminent, along with (finally) Astral DNA + more. Thank you for your patience while I was ill -it was a flash-surge of a thin, very solar storm/Mars-Neptune-ish.

And who felt the solar storm today?

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wishing you well and in no need of a theranos blood test

Wish Upon a Star

Please take it easy Mystic.

I got this email today.

Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces on September 2 and 3.

This aspect can create tiredness or even reveal exhaustion, and is associated with feeling overwhelmed, confused or uncertain. It’s a great aspect to use to slow down, take a break and rest. It’s definitely not about getting a lot done!

Get some good rest.



Maybe this is the wrong place but Personal Daily Horoscope aren’t working anymore. No matter the day I always had this “what genie means” interpretation. Was this part of the magnetic storm problems? Can they be tech stuff too? Blog and tarots work like a clock!
I am really struggling. Anyone else having the same problems?


Yup, me too. Hasn’t worked in a couple of days. Just a whole lotta “genius”. 🧐


Me three, I’m really missing them. Also on the MMM page all the planets are in Aries at 00.00 degrees.
I’ve cleared cookies/cache etc but nothing is working.


Did anyone message support? I will now if you didn’t ps I’ll check it first of course


I have!


Reported with screen shots and MM wrote back “Thanks”


I’m stuffed. Too much work (WFH [typo was WTF]) with a yr 7 brat who needs to be spoon fed his work, I need exercise but I’m not sleeping, sick of the news (who isn’t?) yuk yucky yuck. Cooking, cleaning, laundry needs to washed cause daughter number two tried it on for 5 minutes, where is my house husband? I did manage to catch up with my work-wife socially distanced and masked of course and we sat grounded on her freshly mowed front lawn for an hour soaking up El Sol rays and plotting to avoid mandated BS… Please let this saga end for the planet. First world problems for me but my empathy is prickling off its tits. Soz for the whinge. Stay well everyone, Love and Light XxXx


Hope you do get the chance to study space weather more some day, Mystic. I’m convinced there is something in it now after what happened earlier this week. It was just so sudden and intense it made dark moons look softcore. Please keep sharing any intel and take care of your lovely self. x


So that explains why I find my feelings coming out before I have realised I’m responding 🤣
Also had a very sudden and random bout of physical pluto purging myself yesterday 🤮. Thankfully it passed quickly. Hope you’re recovering well, Mystic.


Mystic will you please ruddy well take care of yourself! And I am probably going to upset a whole lot of people here, but if you are still a vegan please add at least some wild sardines to your diet. Fishy to heal fishy. I’ve done veganism, been a vegetarian, been to retreats until they come out of my rear end and nothing has worked as well as listening intuitively to what my body needs. This is probably sounds arrogant but if I had my way you would be made to rest, given good hearty nourishing food and and a big panda bear hug.


A sleep deficit will eventually cause health problems and now it’s said to cause ‘brain plaque’ whatever that is. Have been told there is a ‘para-flu’ around mostly caught at supermarkets. Big hug as well for all the time & energy given over to us all.


This geomagnetic storm seems to be playing out in my dreams. So huge over the last 3 nights. I have had to take a day off work today to recupe. Vivid, eerie and pretty psycho. Last night among other things I was riding an elephant at the front of a convoy looking for a place in the middle of the jungle to build a hotel. A strange man approached and passed me by but shortly after I heard him stab someone. The sound was amplified. I woke to read in the paper that and 18 year old man had dies from stab wounds in a brawl and 4 others were injured. Plugging into some unwanted zeitgeist? Exhausted.


Glad to hear you are ok MM – I was a bit concerned, as signal disruption is unusual with you. Take care!


It’s a relief to read this as I was really not myself yesterday. Horrible. Dreary, teary, snappy, and feeling so strangely helpless and unable to shake it. Mystic, hope you are okay now. Take it easy. Well-being first.

Crystallised future

Hope you’re okay Mystic and aiming to take it easy for a bit. The body keeps the score….


I too awakened violently ill last night – thought maybe I had COVID, but by morning it seemed to have passed on


I felt it and it was amazing. I was the storm and the power within it.


Wow, MissDee. That would be cool and is polar opposite of my experience. I wonder if the Cancerian moon May have been aspecting your chart nicely?


It’s always conjunct my Natal Venus and Mars. I guess that helped. 😌


I feel mostly okay too, though have so much empathy for those struggling. A romantic affinity seems to not have panned out (we’ll see), but I am more centered than I have been in the past month since the Leo New Moon.
Huge hugs to those struggling. I wish I could come over to take care of some chores, or at least give a real life hug.


My whole life is a Pluto storm …


Feeling it todaaaaay. Front lobe headache, urge to just sleep all day + cry cos it’s apparently bringing me in touch with some things in a way I need annnd am open to. Like an awkward dad holding a wriggly baby for the first time – ‘oh god, please don’t fall, ack ack ack!’

My only tasks today are get to my first tai’chi class and get groceries. And both of these feel like monstrous endeavours in contrast to my energy levels.

Hope y’all are keeping as you beat wish to be keeping!


It’s either that solar pulse or it’s an odd spike protein looking for a home. Mystic that dream sounded spot on to me. I think you’ve seen through the Maia


I must have had what you had, it has seemingly just lifted. My body heavy, aching joints, a deep despairing feeling, felt the weight of my flesh and bones on the earth…suddenly, along with the headache, it has passed, i feel better than i have in four days.


My kids definitely felt the storm today. I gave up entirely by 9am and let them purge whatever emotions they were discharging at any given time of the day. It was volatile and fragile. I also saw each of them do impressions of each other as well as of me, all in highly emotional states. One of those days where it was very obvious that something big was up and that I’d be wasting my energy trying to fight whatever it was. Me, I felt like an illustration for one of the doshas I read in an Ayurvedic book 30 years ago in high school, stick figure guy with little lighting bolts zapping out of his spiral eyes and anguished looking mouth. (But I did get some ridiculously endearing texts from this guy who pretends to jot do feelings but does them better than any person I’ve ever known)


Also I have Saturn square Uranus in my chart and they’re both pinging off the current transits. I realised a couple of months ago I’ve been ground under their wheels for a year and a half so far and can’t wait til April next year. It’s been brutal.


Good luck to you with the Saturn-Uranus grind… I am also feeling it, it’s affecting my natal T-square in fixed signs. Caught between a rock and a hard place…


oh yes! chatter on whatsapp-of-mums-in-NZ-high-strength-lockdown confirms that yesterday was particularly feral all round. Sod fractions. Needed to find a way to teach how to safely earth lightning in a constrained home-bubble environment.

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