Pluto Transits Meditation

Meditation For Pluto Transits

Any Pluto transit involves shadow work.  And the sooner you get that bit of it over with, the better. I made this shadow work meditation to help with that and provide a power-chill session. We all know that it is important to be keeping our Zen on point, particularly with the current rapid tempo of change. But personally, I find meditation without props or guidance to be super difficult. I …

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Full Moon Calendar

Power Moons Are Here

Power Moons is now live & available as a fast turnaround (48 Hours) PDF of your personalized (done off your individual birth chart) most vital lunar vibe. It’s like the Power Moons in the 2018 Year Ahead books but with the New & Full Moons for the year ahead shown as they fall in your birth chart and their time in your current location. And, Power Moons will also tell …

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Your Astral DNA FAQ

Astral DNA is finally here! I’ve wanted to offer natal birth chart reports like this since forever. It’s an instant, unique and upbeat natal chart reading. The good news is that people seem to like the interpretations in there. It’s validating as I worked like mad to make them well-written and unique. My other aim was to make it affordable and accessible, so if you wanted my take on someone’s astro, …

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Happy 14th Birthday To Pluto!

It is Pluto’s Birthday Today!  As many of you know, Mega Mystic members have a sponsor animal: a rescued racehorse named Pluto!   A hideous amount of healthy young horses are slaughtered each year as they are not ‘fast enough’ for racing. Pluto was going to be one of them, and in fact, she twice survived. Pluto was first sent off to die as she was not making her owners enough …

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astrological binaural beats

The Uranus In Taurus Regrounding Meditation Mp3

Astrological Binaural Beats The Uranus in Taurus Regrounding Meditation is a new genre – Astrological Binaural Beats. I wrote the words and meditative storyteller Jessica Snow speaks them. It features the earth frequency Schumann Resonance and the healing Theta frequency of 528 Hz. The Uranus in Taurus Mp3  helps you realign with ancestral energy, land spirits, and the new-era Uranus in Taurus. Astrological Binaural Beats work brilliantly: The binaural beats work to gently …

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Our Horse Named Pluto

The Mega Mystic astrology membership now includes a Horse! Yes, we have a rescued racehorse named Pluto and MM members are helping to keep her in clover! As Mega Mystic members know, this site has no ads, promoted posts, affiliate links or cookies tracking you. It’s supported by the Mega Mystic members and now the membership fees include a  rescued racehorse named Pluto. She came to me via an avid horsewoman …

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