Our Beautiful Pluto Is Fifteen!

Pluto is 15 today! If you don’t know what I am talking about, Mega Mystic members don’t just get timely astro-advice and online Tarot. They also contribute to the upkeep of Pluto, our rescued racehorse. As you can see, her pastures are not as green as her last birthday, due to a devastating drought. Call it climate change or call it ecological fuqery and a poisoned, dysbiotic ecosystem it needs …

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Future Virgo And Your True Voice

The Future Virgo Mp3 is here, just in time for, well, the last 17 hours of Virgo. It would have been earlier, but I am under E.N.T.’s orders to rest my voice. So, i got my Leo newsreader friend to narrate it and really, I think he’s better than me at it. He’s fast and yet super-enunciated. And, yes, I know that Future Leo has not happened yet but it …

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Asteroid Birth Chart

Asteroid Galactica Is Here

Asteroid Galactica is here! Or rather, it’s back! It launched 19 hours ago but I took it offline as there was a design glitch which only became apparent once it was live. What is it? It’s my take on 24 funky asteroids – excluding the witchy ones as they’re included in an upcoming Astrology Report. Asteroids pack the most pow when they’re conjunct the natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, North …

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Neptunian Nights

Sample The Ultra-Relaxing Neptunian Nights

The Neptunian Nights Mp3 is the newest in the MM Binaural Beats collection, and it works on multiple levels. Relaxation – as many people are saying, it’s calming enough to serenely zonk out even the most frazzled over-thinker. Dream Enhancement – I don’t know if it is the awareness enhancing Alpha beats or the actual transmissions from Neptune that it features, but Neptunian Nights helps dream recall and awareness. Intuition …

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Brilliant Mystic Specials Alert

Interested in optimizing your vibe? Mind management? Power chill? Enhancing your meditation practice? Even if it is so far an imaginary meditation practice, these Mp3s are super helpful. I’d like to alert you to the new Mystic Specials category in the Shop.  Mega Mystic members automatically get 50% off the Mystic Rants and the Astrology Reports but the Specials is a little zone of extra value aside from that.  It …

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The Future Cancerian Mp3 Update

Hello Eclipse Shadow Trippers! Offering the Future Cancerian to only my Cancerian members was clearly a mistake. I’ve got a deluge of emails from Cancer Rising, Progressed Sun, Moon and so on people, who feel deprived. Or who are furious and citing astrological discrimination. As a result, here is a new policy. I am sending out the Mp3 to all Mega Mystic members on Saturday. That way, you’ll have it …

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