October’s Monthly Horoscopes

The October Monthly Horoscopes are posted, back to the classic format! And…what a month.

The Sun, Mercury Retro + Mars in Libra emphasize relationships but with the rules ripped up or renegotiated, snark optional. More broadly, think justice, legislation, litigation, debates, and diplomacy. And, I believe I briefed you sufficiently on the Full Moon fracas.

But the underlying theme is still the super-polarizing Saturn-Uranus square – I wrote about it in What The Astro-Fuq? – purposefully leaving the comments option off because I didn’t have the time/bandwidth to moderate. But I’m turning them on, in case you want to share. One hint of snark and they’ll be pinged off again!

If you’re existentially exhausted by all this, it is transient and 2022 is the first year in nearly nine years without outer-planet smackdowns. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces in psychedelic regalia? Yes.

That is part of the reason why, besides all the well-documented challenges of 2021 and the financial system approaching an event horizon, magic is becoming more potent. Have you noticed? Whatever intuition or powers you have, they’re sharpening.

Of course, you could argue that it’s just Mercury Retrograde pulling its usual trickery – see below.


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i read the daily email for Monday and was like “duh!” Saturn is turning direct. Well that explains the aches pains and zapped out lack of energy today. My whores were moaning like the clappers.


I have a weekend off and get back to four posts ! Mystics been on over time again. Loving your work mystic.


Relationships renegotiated – check! Exhausted by the year – check! Magical connections and weird impressions coming from everywhere – check! Pisces/Sag rising. Am so looking forward to 2022


HURRAH! Happy to see the return of the classic format. Feels like home again.

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve got Mercury Retrograde happening in my 8th house where I have my natal Mars in Libra. To me it feels like Scorpio season/retrograde. The same but different. A bit lighter and the messages are helpful. Very private.

And I’ve got Uranus transitting my natal Taurus Moon.

Any suggestions, hints are welcome.



Sudden valuable emotional insights ?

Wish Upon a Star

Yes true !

Mergoat Scorp

“If you’re existentially exhausted by all this, it is transient and 2022 is the first year in nearly nine years without outer-planet smackdowns.”

Yes, I’m completely existentially exhausted and I can’t tell you how much hope and relief this gives me. Bring on 2022!


Literally laughing out loud.


I guess you could say he found himself?


oh ffs…

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