Merry Everything And…

Merry Everything – Christmas, Saturnalia, Mithras Day, Sol Invictus, and general festivities. It’s been a strange year and this mid-season, pre-Jupiter in Pisces point is perfect for contemplation and reverie.

The Daily Personal Horoscopes, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes continue over January as usual while the Daily Horoscopes + Daily Mystic return on Feb 1, with the New Moon in Aquarius.

This is partly because I have not taken a holiday or weekend off since the last week of December 2017 and I am hoping for a day or two off-screen. But it is mostly because the absence of a daily deadline will allow me time to complete a number of outstanding cool things I’ve wanted to do all year – catch up on writing, complete the Sorceress + other reports, research, etc.

Thank you for your support and loyalty through everything – there is much to look forward to in 2022, let’s amp it up together. And, how cool is this? The most powerful telescope in history just launched, at 9.40 A.M French Guinea time on Xmas Day.

“Telescope” is a bit of an understatement: it’s more like a gigantic semi-magical device that uses an array of technologies, some entirely new. It’s evidently going to spring 100 times more freaky astrophysics secrets than the Hubble telescope, “explain” dark matter, and reveal extra-terrestrial life.

It’s madly Pluto in Aquarius, obviously. Does this miraculous technology have a name? Yes but I’m not using it. The man whose name it bears was a NASA bigwig who was great for scoring space exploration funding and persecuting gays, hounding them out of work, and so on. There is a controversy raging over this and the oddity of the naming process.

So, as suggested by some of the astronomers and astrophysicists protesting the naming, I’m going with Cecelia, after the astronomer Cecelia Payne-Gaposhkin. A Taurus, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Saggo and Mercury-Mars in Aries, she was a trailblazer whose radical concepts were either dismissed or stolen from her. But she was right.

So, Cecelia has launched and I expect the scientific confirmation that magic is real will come in about the time Pluto enters Aquarius.

31 thoughts on “Merry Everything And…”

  1. I’m so glad you’re taking some time off, Mystic. As Invicta says below, it’s just amazing what you churn out on a daily basis and at such high quality – don’t know how you do it! Merry everything to everyone on this site. 🤗

  2. Thank you MM! Enjoy your R & R! Loving the new look website and your ongoing insights! May Cecilia shed some much needed astrophysical light on our universe. xo

  3. Hope you get the rest and relaxation you deserve, Mystic. And thank you for all your beautiful, wise and entertaining writing this past year. Your site is truly a beacon of light in these turbulent and often dark times!

  4. Thanks so much for this Mystic and for everything but seriously Grrrl!, organise a holiday sometime soon, you’re not a robot…are you?

  5. So pleased you are taking some time to get away from screens and write without the usual rigid deadlines. I have often wondered how one person churns out so much high quality content the frequency that you do. We’re all grateful for it obviously but it’s a ridiculously high bar of a work ethic you have there. Even for a Mars in Virgo.
    Wishing you all the restorative, recharging, earth magic, body wisdom and intuition reboot power there is. ❤️

  6. Strange times indeed but your daily insights make the world a better place!
    Enjoy your peace, and here’s to an astrologically easier 2022! Thank you for everything Mystic 💜

  7. It was just last week that I was watching Brian Cox talking about the first stars and then on the news tonight they are talking about this telescope and this telescope can see these first stars.

    I am pretty amazed. Go Cecelia.

  8. Thank you so much Mystic. You bring so much light and truth into the world. Cecilia it is! Does this explain why I kept accidentally wanting to call the telescope JR before reading your article

  9. “…let’s amp it up together.” Ramzilla and Lilith-heifer rising, reporting for duty. Fresh off the back of a grand cross engendered by this year’s sexy Saturn-Uranus square pinging off my natal Saturn-Uranus square, in opposite signs. Joy! But sweet dreams were made of this (Eurythmics), and, more than this (Bryan Ferry). Just got to unclench my jaw, now.. 😀 (Love ya work, MM – thanks for creating this magical portal.) X

  10. Dear Mystic. Happy Everything to you too! Your site is a daily a ritual for me and I gain so much inspiration, information and enjoyment from it. Pleease take time off and don’t look at a screen for a while. You are loved and appreciated by all. ❤️

  11. Could not have done this year without MM! Thank you for keeping us inspired & engaged in the magic of the world in amongst all the chaos.

  12. Merry Everything back. It is a shame you don’t have more time for your research and the things you love to do. There is so much information on this site horoscope wise. For me a weekly horoscope and maybe monthly is plenty although many would probably disagree. As one who reluctantly has to use a computer, I appreciate your efforts in navigating thousands of sights for information you impart. Thank you for your work, insights, courage and care.

    1. Me too! SusanE, is it you who also has Mars conjunct MC in early Pisces, as well?? Cannot wait to see what Jupiter brings. Am feeling my way with my magic antennae but there is a lot of noise about with the signal, if that makes sense. I just need nature. XOO

      1. Hello Earthstar! I do have Mars CJ MC, but in Scorpio! Enjoy the transit. Pisces for me is a large chunk of my 2H opposite my Virgo stellium.

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