Members Page Update

This is a quick update regarding the Mega Mystic members page!

As you know, it has the current astro widget plus quick links to all the MM membership inclusions – Horoscopes, Tarot, the Oracle & the Calender.

For the last few months, it has also held the Daily Mystic archives. The Daily Mystic update is emailed out to members but you can also opt to skip that and view it online.

Below the D.M. archive, you can now find my fave esoteric books list, recommended articles and a link to listen to the Cyber-Pluto Astro-Rave.

The Mega Members page is always accessible from your user dashboard on the top right corner of the site.

You can access previous purchased reports and Mp3s, orders + prior subscriptions from here with or without a Mega Mystic membership but the MM members page is only open if you have a current membership.

Finally, the Weekly and Monthly Horoscope archive pages will be up shortly. Questions? Contact support.

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YES. Love the art work on the email daily Mystic.
YES to the Member Page ACCESS ALL AREAS.
Love you all.
August 2nd soon called Candlemas ‘return of the light’ in Southern Hemp.
Hope it’s a sunny day/
A million kisses deeper.

Wish Upon a Star

Good to hear from you Pegasus.

Thanks for the light day. It’s just what I needed to hear today.



🥰 whoa that reading list! Where do I start? Do my tax first, then run a hot bath, it’s freezing today on MID north coast NSW

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Penelope Darling

I absolutely love the members page! It’s so beautiful, somehow soothing and energising at the same time.


Thank you ! When will the new tarot decks be live?


This is such a treasure trove, gems for all moods and seasons. Much thanks Mystic.


Dark moon on my south node meltdown alert
oh woe is me waking up and immediately diving into the black hole of existential despair I’ve not visited in eons.
admin swamps where all my deepest insecurities echo and my flaws gleam back at me through the cosmic hall of magnifying mirrors – the house of horrors- moon in Cancer in the 8th in the wrong frame of mind and circumstances.


Excellent little reminder that it really helps to check the astrology before diving into a pile of faulty online admin (forms that don’t accept data inputs on private medical companies- making me appreciate our deal old NHS all the more). We love to complain here about the problems with the NHS and it’s far from perfect I admit but dipping one’s toe into poorly run “bespoke “ private companies aimed at supporting those with mental health issues are not in any way geared towards protecting the vulnerable or delivering a duty of care adjacent service. People who are genuinely motivated… Read more »


So did you read your Personals??? Didya?


We got your back 🙂 xx


Fuqing forms! This will make you feel better:
JULY… worst COPD exacerbation of ALL time.
Daisy Dog got canine rhino virus, very sick for 10 days.
Went thro’ a stop sign and totalled my car.
Received $600 fine and a letter from license board asking if i’m fit to drive.
Wrong frame of mind and circumstances or what 🙂
Did my deepest insecurities and flaws hit me over the head and it’s called LIMITATIONS.
Do your Saggi part just think that word disgusting…..
Invicta it’s called Being Challenged. Don’t you love it really?




I sent that company an email today apologising unreservedly for my tantrum yesterday. I was completely out of order. They’re doing their best and it’s up to me to deal with my low frustration tolerance. Creating drama for people because my dusty old resentments are blocking the light isn’t how I want to live. It felt so good to really nail that apology and their reply was just darling. Refusing to go for a long walk, taking things personally and then speed typing is reckless internet driving. I wasn’t even on weird antibiotics at the time. Not getting physical exercise… Read more »


Pegs you’ve had a shocking July and mine hasn’t been remotely bad – quite the opposite. I’m horrified how yours has been though. I’m starting to develop some self awareness of the bugs in my system and my hope is that by knowing what they are and taking responsibility for them that I can start the process of repair. I’ve been indulging in some self deception in a misguided attempt to protect my own feelings. Denial is incredibly dangerous and doesn’t build self esteem long term but it’s useful I suppose when survival is the best case scenario. Yeah. The… Read more »


Because only by eating the sin and grokking my part in this can I develop my inner mogul and wealth builder and become the provider to others I need to become. Hiding behind the apron strings is how I got tangled up in them in the first place.


‘The Sin Eater’ wasn’t that a movie? it’s certainly an expression worth noting. You built wealth before so you can surely do it again sans the angst. x



Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love the Daily Mystic archive

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