Esoteric Moodboard + Moon Calendar Export

Good news- the Esoteric Moodboard is back!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a page where I throw all sorts of cool images and snippets that would take several sabbaticals to parse as posts but which are definitely worth your perusal.

Or rather, they are if you’re the sort of person who is uplifted by esoteric and mythological imagery or likes to warp their mind pondering esoteric vagaries. I put this up a few months ago but had to take it down as, in my enthusiasm, I didn’t compress the pictures and some were gigantic files so the page was timing out.

But it’s back and actually, even though it is not supposed to be a tool, people have reported that it inspires them. It can also be a good digital psyche detox if you’re emerging from a scrollathon on Twitter or a gnarly news feed.

Additionally, you can now export any month of the Moon Calendar to your iPhone, Outlook, Google Calendar etc. It’s an ICS file so heaps of digital calendars accept them. This has been a long-time request so I hope you like it.

However, due to code limitations, there are various things that don’t work so well with the Moon Calendar so I am about to launch a new product which will overcome those limitations. It will be an ICS calendar file with more detail and – where apt – current alerts. So stand by for that.

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This is so great! I have an excuse to use a calendar now, it’s covered in astro data.


I’m a long time obsessive over downloading the moon calendar and am so excited!


Especially the multi dimensional images. We live in such a 3D world and there is obviously so much more to it. I got super inspired on the weekend listening to Professor Robert Temple talking about atoms and plasma. Wow. Look him up when you can. Just written a new book A New Science of Heaven.


I love the moodboard. Very creatively inspiring. I got lost in it.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I also like the snippets of text on the moodboard, tres interesting!


Images? Did you say images? 😍


Mmmhm. Yes!


I LOVE IT…I thrive in esoteric imagery.


Beautiful, the Moodboard!
And sooo… Mystic! ✨


fab! thank you sooo much mystic! <3 <3 <3 your choice of images has always been extra special and left me wanting more.


Wow Mystic this is perfect. As a person who thinks in images, this shall keep me occupied for days. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wish Upon a Star

Wow !


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