April Monthly Horoscopes

The April Monthly Horoscopes are posted, and wow, what a month!

Also, the all-topics Astrology articles page is here, but FYI, some posts from the archives are not on there yet, but they will all be up shortly. I hope you find it easy to browse topics via this layout, and happy April Fool’s Day!

If you’re a Mega Mystic member and did not check out the latest Daily Mystic Update yet, take a look at the ancient April Fool’s reference…

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Mystic’s been busy! Daily x2 and early weekly, a delicious bonus


God, I just love your horoscopes mystic. Although everyone has something to offer, I can’t think of another astrologer who ranges over subject matter as freely, and who uses language as creatively and intentionally as you do, and it really helps me to get a handle on the time ahead. Xo


Inspiring month! I’m feeling the Uranus in Taurus vibe strongly at the moment, it’s like the different sides of me are integrating.

This new moon in Aries was at the very end of my 11th house and I went through like a miniature daylong dark night of the soul with no energy… and then when it passed into the degrees of my north node and 12th house I was instantly at peace with the world and strongly in tune with my soul. Like a total 180.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

oooh this virgo loves the well-organised astrology articles


The conjunction is happening exact opp my 2nd house Mars in Virgo. Dream big but do a spreadsheet.


If possible, would love seeing this image on the personal daily horoscopes .


April 1st people are amazing, I have had a few in my life. They might be plunging into the depths of depravity, controlling their world and steeling themselves against pain or providing a stage, directing and debuting something brilliant, but whatever they do, they do it with such gorgeous panache and a firm grip on the zeitgest. They are comets to the watchful, glittering, constant constellations; they reveal the sneaky genius in the Fool. Loved the ancient April Fool reference here MM.


I’ve known a couple of startup founders that are April 1 people and they are a trip. They can’t just chill and sit on their money, they have to be in the world creating the new world.

Wish Upon a Star

Happy April Fool’s Day !

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