What Is The Origin Of Mystic Medusa?

A suburb on the outskirts of Atlantis that mysteriously missed the flood. Okay – seriously. Mystic Medusa began in July 1997 as a column in The Australian newspaper, that country’s national daily broadsheet. It is still in there every Saturday!  The name was originally meant to be an ironic play on the super-popular, very mass market Mystic Meg. The idea was to juxtapose a fierce Gorgon energy with the hokier sounding “Mystic.”  Years later, it seems like there was more going on than that. The name Medusa means ‘sovereign female wisdom.’

Barbara Walker in The Woman’s Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets says the story of Perseus beheading Medusa (originally a Libyan Snake Goddess) was to “account for the appearance of Medusa’s face on the shield of Athene…A female face surrounded by serpent hair was an ancient widely recognized symbol of divine female wisdom, and equally of the ‘wise blood’ that supposedly gave women their divine powers.” The website launched in September 1999, right after the magic Solar Eclipse of August 11. Astro-Freaks might like to know that Mystic, then a journalist, got offered the chance to write “an astrology column” with Saturn smack-bang on her Mercury in Aries. It was a fabulous opportunity to combine her childhood love of astrology with her writing. See more in this Haute Macabre interview from 2017.

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Last Update: May 10, 2019  

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