How does the Oracle Work?

It works off Dark Matter. That is a joke. Sort of. Think of the Oracle as a fun and modern-day Magic 8 Ball. Choose from pre-assigned questions and receive smart, pertinent responses. The Oracle can be weirdly accurate, but it is perfectly light and amusing. The Tarot is more in-depth, offering a 12 Card take on your current situation. There is also a Single Tarot reading, for when you want a swifter take on things. The 12 Card Reading uses the classic Waite deck and is a Horoscope Reading. The Single Tarot was created by Mystic and themed off Alchemy and Uranian Astrology -These are all instant reads included in the Mega Mystic membership. As with the Horoscopes, her goal is to keep them upbeat, supportive, accurate, fun and pertinent. If you want fatalistic gloom, dreariness or New Age jargon, go elsewhere.

Next to organic foods, and my triple water filter; Mystic Medusa’s website is something I could not live without. Her teachings, guidance and consciousness raising tips for modern times can not be matched anywhere. Her site is an unparalleled esoteric library, a therapists office(Jungian of course), an Astro wizardry school, and web community of the reincarnated souls of the beheaded and burned magicians, witches, wise ones and goddess worshipers of our ancient past. Mystic is providing a life-hack pack of knowledge and wisdom that everyone deserves to have at their fingertips. Consider the subscription costs an investment in your soul, an homage to your ancestors.
Lynn Collins 

Last Update: May 1, 2019  

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